But…Cruising is Work

Contrary to what the Sailing rags show, contrary to what many that cruise love to say; Cruising is not all sunsets and Margaritas. Oh there are awesome sunsets. And many cruisers enjoy imbibing; some more than others. But there is a reason that retiring and buying a sailboat often ends up in regret. Not ours…others.

We were lamenting with one cruising couple a week or so ago about the work required to return the boat back to cruising condition. Before we left we spent roughly 10 days decommissioning Elysium. So far, to return things back to normal, working right, checked out, cleaned up; we are at the 21 day mark. Twice as long. All said and done, I shared with the other cruising couple that we spend about 20 hours / week keeping Elysium tip top. And that might be a little hyperbole. We try to keep her tip top. Mother Nature has a different idea.

We fight wasps, ants, swallows, Sun and rain. The ants and wasps are now gone and we’ve moved. Ha! That group can’t find us. 🙂 The ants, I believe are still fighting but losing. They don’t swim but they do breed and we’ve been eliminating all the soldiers. Swallows, no more nests; sorry. Sun we will never win that one.

Great Moorings out front

We moved to a lovely anchorage called Gili Asahan. A small village on shore with 150 Indonesians and 20 kids in a school. Plus four smallish resorts… and restaurants. 🙂

Working Hard….sometimes!

We motored down. Motor sailed for about 30 minutes. And once here we’ve already moved some items for better storage while sailing, We’ve already began the next step by removing the sewing machine from the storage locker for more repairs. Added fuel additive to one diesel tank and polished more fuel. I hand sewed some on the dodger, the Sun and wear had broken a few threads. Fixed two tears on our awning. Put the awning up. Lost an awning pole. Made a new one. How any cruising boat can sail without an awning gets me. No awning means one is living in a Solar Oven. Nope, that is not for us.

Our Driver

Laundry has been given to the shop. We’ve done a last buy with a trip to Mataram. Found an excellent taxi driver I would strongly recommend. He had worked on an Indonesian Liveaboard, worked on an Australian Catamaran and knows boats and where in the city one can get all the needed supplies for them. It was a great experience with him not only being the driver but filling us in on the history, culture, and general tourist information. BTW, we don’t get any kick backs, nor do we want any. For any wishing his What’s App information is: Sapii and 62 853 3822 1844.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long