A Mini Break

We decided to take a couple days off. Off from daily moving. The Book of Lies (Adam Scott’s Cruising Guide to Indonesia) had a suggestion. Ironically, this one panned out. There was a cut in the reef and a protected pool in which to anchor. We wove our way in and anchored off to the edge in plenty of water. A local fisherman had dropped his pick in the middle and appeared to be taking a nap! What a life eh? 🙂 Thus we were constrained a bit.

A Lovely Quite Anchorage

That afternoon we dinghied to the small beach for a look around. There were some unused park facilities. Westerners might well say dilapidated. That was about it. I flew the drone for more practice time. We nosed around a bit and then dinghied back to Elysium.

The following day we did some dinghy exploring and tooled over some lovely coral. We thought a cool swim would be a great afternoon activity. However we never did find the same beautiful coral patch. Next time I’ll take the GPS with me. All that sounds like work. Adventures are in the discoveries, eh? We dinghied to where we thought it was, jumped in and I towed the dinghy while W had freedom. Exploring at her leisure. There were a lot of tropicals, beautiful corals and no editable fish. I didn’t see one fish over 20 cm. How Indonesia can continue to survive as a fishing economy is beyond me. Everywhere we travel there are heaps of fishermen with their nets out. Night and Day. We swam about 1/2 way back to Elysium then decided to take the easy road. Jumped in the dinghy and motored back. I checked the entrance to our anchor pool and back on the boat we went. Clean up and do what cruisers do, rest, read, nap. The afternoon was a breeze. 🙂

The following day another cruiser pulled in. We had a great evening sharing stories and watching the Sunset. He was heading back to Australia (the hard way) stopping to surf along the way. We will be heading to Medana Bay wanting to check the haul out facilities and marina. That is a rare place in Indo. A marina and a place to haul out. We expect to haul there and then return to the states for some R n R. Not that we don’t have any R n R on board. But being in the Land of Instant everything with family and old friends (no pun) is simply a different way to fill the soul.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long