Pack, Move, Pack, Move, repeat…

Pack up, move, unpack. Pack up, move, unpack. Repeat. That’s our life recently. Winter has arrived and with it our quest to run from the chill. Before we crossed to New Zealand we did our due diligence. We spoke to cruisers that had wintered over in NZ and searched for their secrets. Two of them; Spirae and Kiapa said the key was “house sitting”. With Irene’s recommendation, we joined Kiwi house sitters.

House sitting has provided us with two great places on which to hang out and yet get boat work completed. The first in Onarahi we played some

Our first charge, a 12 year old Dalmation.

and walked often a 12 year Dalmation; Elle. While in NZ Elle is considered a “Veteran”. She is in great shape and on walks she received praise from passerbyers. This sit was closest to the boat and doing any project we could leave our tools out and the boat a mess. When aboard we have a soft rule; clean the boat up before eating our mid day meal. Neither of us wish to live in a sty. Leaving tools out and the boat cluttered speeds up what ever project we are working on.

Onerahi Harbor View, NZ
Onerahi Harbor View, NZ

The Onarahi house had a great view and the owners are wonderful people. The sit went well but like most good things the end arrived. We had a 3 week time between this one and our next sit in Ruikaka so that required a move back to the boat. As luck would have it one of our tennis friends here needed a short home sit. Here we took care of a 16 yr old Golden Retriever, a few chickens and kept our eyes on the sheep. They had a fire place that was mesmerizing and warm. Down the road in Piruea Bay we were still only 15 minutes from the boat and tennis. Here we collected eggs, feed and walked the dog. Or I ought to say tried. Sparky wasn’t always up to the walk being a shade long in the tooth. But what

What a sweet farm dog.

a sweet dog. I’m sure in his day he was one of the best farm dogs one could have.

Pack up, move home, and ready for another sit. In Ruikaka we were going to get our cat fix. We enjoy dogs, owned a wonderful Afghan hound years back but cats now steal our hearts. This sit will burn some serious petrol. But it’s for almost 2 months and we hoped to get the boat painted and some stainless work completed. Snoppy is the cats name and how sweet he is. Nothing like out cat was, mildly demanding and always loving. Snoppy sits with W/ or I and enjoys massages and petting. Now we’re getting use to the new place and settling in. Weekly we’re traveling to the boat and tennis 5 days / week.
At this point in time we’ve pulled the mast and are removing the rigging. We move the rigging to Ruikaka for cleaning and inspection. We are on the schedule for hauling later this month. Sails are off and at the sail makers. A new mainsail and repaired suncover on the jib as well as some minor repairs to the stay sail. We’ve some more sewing to do so the machine is set up. We’ve ordered some new lithium batteries for the boat and are looking at a dri-fit of an arch for the stern. All in all, things are beginning to move and while it is cold out for us; by all appearances the work will keep us….. warm? Hopefully. 🙂
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