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I’m so Vain, I’ll Bet You Think This Blog is About Me!

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Yeah! Remember the Carly  Simon song… You’re so vain…. I do. While I don’t think of myself as vain I know there are those that would argue. W/ said I’m the first one of us to get cosmetic surgery. She’s close, I think capped teeth are as cosmetic as getting my eyelids tucked. I know that’s not the technical term; but that’s almost the result. I’ve been told one lid  is hanging a bit; but I can’t really see it (But the picture shows it!) . The Doc said both have some extra skin. I always like a little skin but I’ve never thought of me as having the little skin!



So I’ve been to the consult, had my blood work done, been with the Anesthesiologist and am scheduled for Monday.  Taking a relaxing pill Sunday evening, then Monday am, then taxi to the medical complex and then under the knife. And the hardest part is not having to wash my eyes 3 times with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, but I can’t enjoy sundowners with the other cruisers Sunday evening. Damn! The operation is all done with local injections and the Anesthesiologist said he’d be there the entire operation. Dr. is going to take a thin slice from my upper eyelid on each eye and then stitch them back up He indicated he’ll not really take any muscle but did day there is some muscle that gets sliced off with the skin. I”m guessing I’ll end up with black and blue eyes. Maybe I’ll look tough, like being in a fight. I don’t know. We’ll see.  Back home (yeah the boat is home) we go  and then I’m told no heavy lifting for a week – that’s easy as I don’t want to do any grunt work anyway, then stitches out a week later,  after 3 more weeks I’m to be  fully recover for any activity.

We’ve still not really played tennis yet. Two major boat projects are getting the Xantrex Prosine 2.0 fixed and changing out a plate in the freezer. The Xantrax Prosine is at a great electronics repair shop, the guy (owner) can actually do component repair ( a lost art in the US).  As a side note NEVER BUY ANY XANTReX PRODUCTS!  They call them marine. Yeah  right!  IMHO they’re not worth the fecal material that would fit in the same size unit. I’ve  actually considered sending them some (fecal material) in one of their boxes as a comment on the quality of product they sold me and thousands of other cruisers!  My biggest problem being that the cost to send the feces  would be more then their product is worth. If you think I’ve had it up to my eyeballs  with Xantrex then you would be right.  If only I could have seen clearly when I bought their product then maybe I wouldn’t be in this pickle.

Hopefully with my new look (not so sad )  I’ll have that mischievous sparkle back  in my eyes.  With my new sparkle and clearer vision I hope to be able to make smarter choices for the future; where we go and what to do. Maybe. I’m sure I won’t be alone in my thinking as W/ will have something to say  too, she always does.

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