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The Plan

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Move the boat back to Neiafu, Vava’u

At the big city we need to see if there are any serpentine belts for sale. We figure the worse case scenario is that we belt directly to  the alternator and skip running the Water Maker.  This option keeps us running as we do most of the time. We run the water maker about 2 hours / week is all. The difference is that we will need to fill up with local or rain water. We have a water catchment system but now we are entering the dry season. Who knows however; with the El Nino’ year upon us we may just receive enough rain anyway.

In Neiafu we will hopefully find a place to purchase / replace the bearing for the clutch. The bearing  sounds like it is dragging a bit. Running the generator with the clutch there is no easy way for me to tell if it is the bearing or the clutch. Note: I said easy. Yes I could adjust the clutch out a bit and run it again but  that is a great deal of work  and if I have it all out I might as well just replace the bearing. If I can replace the bearing then we’ll see if I can adjust the clutch housing better to run for a few hours at a time.

Also I need to modify the Alternator so the belt doesn’t drag on the fan. For this it we need to shim out the pully an couple of mm’s. I expect I’ll find someone that can remove the nut on the pulley as I tried and couldn’t get it to budge.

Finally I need to modify the generator plate so I have better adjustment in the alignment of the unit with the generator.  When we repalced the pump in Panama the new pump (recommended by Giant) is a little larger and they say better for this application then the one provided by AquaMarine. Currently I have a great deal of difficulty replacing the belt and as would be expected (unpleasant language) when ever I need to remove or change the belt for any reason. Modifying the plate for a better adjustment would make this process easier and will not require near as much elbow grease or PG rated language.

Put it all back together and cross my fingers. That’s the plan. We’ll see how it all pans out once we arrive and begin tearing into the system.

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