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Saved by Cruisers

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Steve and Lili on Liward gave us the heads up on the bolts. Tony and Gail on Cetacea saved us with the thermostat. We were on a roll. We’ve walked a few miles chasing down small items we’ll need. We find the antifreeze that we want; well most of it, and we pick up the repaired header tank then continue our search for the hoses.

While something is off and being serviced I want to replace as much of the older parts as I can with new. Hose is one item that eventually goes bad and if I replace it now I could very well put off having to remove the tank again for many, many years. We trek to the 4 places we figure that may stock the hose. After all,  1 1/2″ hot water hose is rather a standard; maybe in the US,  but not here.   Here the hose is considered 38 mm, not really standard. We find some 40 mm hose but even in a pinch that might be difficult to clamp and  seal. And on we continue.

We strike out everywhere we look and I want to swing by Ocean 2000 Marine, what I now believe to be the best stocked marine store in Papeete. W/’s tired of following me around and although she loves to walk she finds traipsing through the side streets and striking out  at each stop is not her idea of a joyful time in Tahiti. Truth be told it is not mine idea either but the bottom line is I’m too cheap to pay someone here who I can’t communicate well with and most likely wants an exhorbitant amount of money, then to beat all will do mainly what I am doing. I’m too cheap so I try to do it myself. And honestly, I trust doing it myself much more than letting someone else do it. I’ve found that often in the quest for expediency workers will take a short cut I never would, solving the temporary issue but leaving a lingering long term one time to develop.

On our way back from the outer reaches of the marine world we cross the street leading out to Ocean 2000 and W/ decides since we’re this close to the store she’ll just walk another mile with me. 🙂  As we make our final approach to the store Steve and Lilli see us and swing by to give us a lift. The had just returned from the outer islands and since they were hauling their boat in a month they had rented a car for a month.  Just what the Dr. ordered, or should I say the boss; W/ .

We chat with them; they’re struggling to get their bottom paint out of customs so they can have it applied when they haul their boat tomorrow, we tell them of our search for hose.  Stopping at Ocean 2000; which they were just at, I wander in and ask about for the hose. Bingo!  They have it, Sweet!  Finally a little luck, maybe this will be our day. I pick up 1/2 meter of hose, more then enough to do what I need to do twice and off we go. We tell them to drop off where ever they need to turn as they are heading to customs for their bottom paint but they have none of that and drop us off at the gate to the boat. My quads thank them and we clean up at the boat getting ready for our afternoon adventure.  Only two items left on the list; antifreeze and the thermostat.

Today the buses are running  and business’, were open. Yesterday the island was shut down; Sundays, not so much for worship although that may have had something to do with it but simply for a day of rest the majority of the island takes a break.  Even the rowing shells are very few on Sundays. Monday is just the opposite. So much activity you would imagine the city has twice the population it does. But for us, Monday is a good day as restaurants are open and busses run.  We catch the bus to Marina Taina to check Tony’s boat.

Remember he said he had one thermostat on board but thought there were two, and since he was in the states and could replace it much easier than we could fly one here to just let him know what we could use it and take it. So we went to visit Cetacea.  There I found them; exactly where he indicated, and he had…. FIVE. Wonderful ! We picked up 2 and emailed him to let him know and ask how much and how he wanted to be paid. Then I took some pictures of the boat that he had asked about and we had a wonderful lunch at the Pink Coconut. The Pink Coconut is where I was able to email him from as they have free wifi.

Down to only one item; or so I thought.  Antifreeze. I use a special antifreeze. NOT!  After cleaning the cooling system completely in Panama we added Prestone Extended life. And since the common thought is to stay with the same liquids for your engine  then that is what I wanted to do. Finding it wasn’t the easiest. While we were painting the parts for reinstalling W/ and I went on a walkabout……again.  This time looking for antifreeze.  I could find Volvo Antifreeze, Cummins antifreeze and some other “special” blends but even at the auto parts store where they had generic antifreeze I didn’t find the common Prestone we used. On a lark I checked the Mobil station; and besides –  they have Magnum Ice Cream Bars :). Bingo!  They had 2 gallons of Prestone Extended life. I need more but two gallons will be a start. I pick them up; at about $36/ gallon and off we go back to the boat to paint some more.

The following day I begin the reassemble. I put the alternator belt and pulley back on. I clean up the surfaces the gasket touches. I run a tap through the holes that the bolts will go into. I vacuum the area for any small stuff that could get into the coolant system. I begin to reattach a hose I know not what it is for.

Oh-Oh. I cut the hose off to remove it and here I find that it is a slightly odd size; 5/8″ and while I thought we had some on the boat we don’t.  Time for another walkabout.  W/’s not interested this time but instead chooses to get her hair cut; yeah she doesn’t trust me – go figure – 🙂 . Off one way she heads to the stylist and I head off again to; you guessed it, Ocean 2000; by now my favorite store.

I ask for 5/8″ heater hose  and just in case for Prestone AntiFreeze. After all; I had first purchased it at the marine store in Shelter

Equip Auto

Equip Auto

Bay Marina Panama.  He had the hose; Hallelujah ! But no antifreeze. He did instead tell me where I had a good chance of finding it; by  the Sin Tung Hing Marine store a couple of kilometers away. With W/ busy getting a new head of hair I figured I had time ,so with long strides and a beautiful day I made quick work  and arrived at  Equip Auto Supply. Wow!  another great cruiser find. I

Perkins 4-236 Header Installed

Perkins 4-236 Header Installed

enter the store and right in front of me there is a display of at least a hundred gallons of extended life Prestone Antifreeze. Amazed; first I wander the store. They won’t sell out of the antifreeze while I’m here. They even had Odessey AGM batteries; which surprised me, there as well as a great supply of engine fluids. And all this was only a 100 meters from the Sin Tung Hing Marine store; which by the way we had asked about Prestone Antifreeze before and he never mentioned this place.  Just amazing what is in one’s backyard sometimes and one doesn’t even know about it.

Now with everything in hand; back to the boat I go for the final installation and testing. If I could have seen the future I’m not sure I would have been as excited.

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