To the Spice Islands

We broke this passage into two days. We had wanted to move around to the bay on the other side of Ambon. However, after further reading and looking at charts this indicated a small problem. It “may” have some underwater mines. The chart indicated that all surface movement was ok. But anchoring “may” be a problem. We’ve known of other boats that have anchored there and didn’t get blown up! Yet there was no reference to the harbor being cleared ; we chose to avoid it.

It meant a longer …. motor. Saparua was the next potential stop. And it worked out to be an excellent choice. In the SE trades I don’t believe it would be comfortable. In this season it was very nice. We anchored on sand in less than 10 m of water. What a treat! Additionally, the town was a “Christian” community. That meant for us, no call to prayer 5 or more times / day beginning at 4 am all the way up to 9 pm. We have not figured out the timing and even why the calls to prayer. I understand, as we get to the larger heterogeneous communities the call to prayer has volume and time limits. Here however, volume seems to be equated to piety.

Saparua Market
Fresh Chickens
Fresh Chickens

We explored the town and picked up some produce from the market. I looked for a spot I could fly my new DJI Mini 2 drone. In Ambon W/ had talked True Blue V into selling us theirs. They had purchased it before they left and never opened it. Craig could always get a newer one when they headed back to Aus as was their current plan. So finally, I had a drone.

The fort overlooked the bay and imagining where the soldiers hung out, how they ate, where they slept gave us pause into what life was like 100 years ago. This area was a major player in the international economy. All due to the Spices; Nutmeg and Cloves found in this area of the world. Wars were fought over the territory. Thus the forts, forts all over.

A couple days later Mike and Dani on Natsumi arrived. Mike talks to anyone and everyone even while not speaking Indonesian. And he does learn a great deal. He arranged a tour for the 6 of us. So we hitched our wagon to his and Lucy was our tour guide. We ran down one side of the island, back up and across to the other.

At one end we stopped at a potters shed / shop. They made heaps of plates, bowls, cooking pans and shipped them to places far and near. W/, who had been wanting a Dutch oven since Oz found a great one for a modest price. I’m waiting for some awesome meals now!

Then we traversed back to another town where honored is the man who started the rebellion against the Dutch. Taking control of the island out of the Dutch empire and gaining local control. He started and they won. His home is still occupied and the owner of the historical place is; you guessed it, was out fishing. Thus the inside tour wasn’t happening.

At lunch we headed off to a local restaurant. Honestly, very little of Indonesian food is comfort food for me. Bintang, the local beer, being the closest. 🙂 I had some Crispy Chicken and Bintang while W/ was the adventurous one.

The park with the Freedom Leader and my drone practice field

We were lucky, Montezuma has not yet visited us in Indonesia. Then again, we are quite cautious in our culinary adventures. With the tour over I set about playing with the drone. Some youTube videos gave me a bit of confidence. Gave me a game plan. Losing or breaking the drone on my first outing was not in my future. W/ and I hung in the soccer field and I played with it on a short leash.

Then I took some pics of the fort and the monument to the rebellion leader. Tomorrow we prepare and leave for the Spice Islands

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long