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Gordian Knot

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

A Gordian knot is  to be  knot so intricate that there is only one way to untie it and alas that too is next to impossible. Well, we tried for the impossible and we were thwarted.

A Jungle Gym on Sistership

A Jungle Gym on Sistership

W/ had finally persisted enough in saying that we needed to simplify our cruising by making our boat more complex, she persisted so much that I acquiesced. 🙂 Thus we had decided on adding a Jungle Gym (as is the apparatus hanging over the stern that is sometimes affectionately called) or more commonly referred to by sailors as an Arch. To add an Arch the best place we were willing to go was Cartegena. So we set our sites on traveling  back to Cartegena.

We contacted our SSCA resource and wanted / needed  to stay at Club de Pesca where we knew the  marina had standards and we could work with a welder  there that made a similar arch on Brudaire, and a fellow boater that had stayed at  de Pesca told us if we wanted to be there in December we needed to start now. so we set about to secure a reservation now. We emailed the Club and emailed our SSCA contact. There went by about 4 weeks of back and forth communications, information, time lines, etc. We had asked for 2 month figuring that would give us enough time to have the arch built, entertaining any of our fiends or family that wished to visit,  have my eyes checked out and possibly repaired; yeah, I’m not fond of glasses, and continue to enjoy the city.

Eventually Club de Pesca said they couldn’t give us 60 days but possibly 30. Ok, we’ll work to complete what we can, the Arch being numero uno (1)  on the list and so we waited for a confirmation.  None came for a bit  and today we receive it, or lack there of –  No.  They couldn’t confirm a reservation for us.

Well, we’re not going back to Cartegena on a wing and prayer, the bay is dirty (barnacles grow like they are on  steroids on anchor chain & boat bottoms)  and the anchorage is rolly with not the best

San Pedro Claver Church Dome

San Pedro Claver Church Dome

holding and in some places a foul bottom. Getting measurements for the arch and having it installed while at a rolling anchorage isn’t on the bucket list for the boat. The city is lovely; rich in history and beauty, and the people understanding of our attempts at Spanish and pleasant to be around;  but,  with no place to tie the boat for the work to do and what we wished to accomplish we’ve decided that the Gordian Knot in this case wasn’t going to be untied. Ironically this is  most likely the first time in my life I’ve been bummed about NOT spending lots of money.  Weird Huh?

We’ll hang out in Panama longer and maybe go through the Panama Canal earlier then we had been planning and enter the Pacific.  So expect more writing and pictures of Panama and  Kuna Yala. Cause we’ll be here  awhile longer . 🙂

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