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Hell! Part I

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

It didn’t start out that way. And if Heaven is timeless then Hell must be too. While we had planned on a week to complete the projects on our list, change the Perkins water pump, replace the clutch on the Water maker pump, and replace the Kubota EA300 with a newer model, it is taking a bit longer.

We made it to Savusavu Marina fine. There are two large bombies (coral heads) rising to the surface of the creek that had actually blocked our dinghy from first making it this far. We had to dinghy slowly over the coral watching for errant pieces protruding to the surface and admiring the tropicals undulating in the water below. But earlier in the week we had walked to the marina and picked up a rough chart from Robin; the manager. To prepare we took the iPad on the dinghy and followed his chart from our mooring to the marina making a track. Then returning the same way we had a good track of what was what. Oh, there are some markers but they are not numbered and with the big S curves around the bombies it is easy to run aground. With the track I made a short route and we followed that staying in nothing less than 7 meters of water. Sweet. Tied up at the dock we were ready for connecting to power.

I had checked earlier; the power here is 220 V 50 cycles and our boat is wired for 120 v 60 cycles. But our battery charger is multiple voltage and cycle proof and will handle the European / Australian / New Zealand voltage.  What I hadn’t counted on was our Panel getting in the way.

I connected the power up with an adapter provided by the marina and immediately see a polarity reversed warning on our panel. I tried different adapter and different sockets on the power post and the same thing. DAMN!  Not my only expletive but you get the idea.  I was planning on just running the battery charger from here and then using a transfer switch to run the boat. While the generator is off line we need to run the DC refer / freezer and that takes battery power which we will NOT have enough of if I can’t charge the batteries. I was planning on 3 days for the change out. Man, was I ever off!

Plan B. I walk briskly into town needing to take care of this before noon. It is Saturday and most businesses close between noon and one.  I would purchase a charger in town and we would be back up and running. NOT!  In the two auto parts stores (not like an AutoZone by any way or shape) they didn’t have any to sell. I could bring my battery in for charging. Yeah! Right! I’m going to haul the batteries out of the boat every day and reinstall them every day to do this. Not in my life time. After checking every electrical supply / hardware store in town I am out of luck. Fortunately there is a yacht chandlery at Copra Shed and I figure; what the hell, can’t hurt, so I go there. I discover they can order me a 30 amp charger for 200 F $ or a 50 amp charger for 400 F $. I go for the 30 amp and it will be in Tuesday. We’ll just do other work and prep for our jobs. Progress. Not much but as we oft said when refurbishing the boat…. baby steps

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