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Workin In Trini

Friday, August 20th, 2010

We’re here in Trinidad and we’re starting to work on items from our list. First and foremost was getting all our ducks in a row.  We’ve been running around ordering supplies, and making commitments to pay local contractors. We’ve hired Shawn at Cruise Inn for a few days. He cleaned and polished the Stainless Steel for us and did an awesome job so we’ve hired him for two more days to sand / prep all the teak for us to varnish. We use Signature Honey Teak Varnish and it lasts for a good year in the tropics, a year before we need to re-coat.  Thank you Don and Terri on Salty Dog (they’ve since sold the boat) for pushing us so hard to use Honey Teak.

We’ve ordered a new battery charger (Victron 80 amp) to replace the damn lousy Prosine 2.0 we have. The inverter still works on the Prosine so we’ll keep that in place  till it craps out too.  I was always leery of having two critical units (inverter and charger) stuffed into one package but ended up being talked into it at the Miami Boat Show by the now defunct Jack Rabbit Marine out of Annapolis.  I guess live and learn is what I need to say but I don’t seem to be learning fast enough to outlive all my mistakes. 🙂

We ordered a new larger holding plate for our freezer. Here too I had gone to a local refrigeration company to discuss with them the refrigeration / freezer setup we were interested in installing. (That company too isn’t in business anymore but Seafrost the company that manufactures the parts still is).  They (both Seafrost and the local company)  talked me into two plates in the freezer which was a good thing; but, the second plate is just too small. We don’t have near enough holdover in our freezer. So we’ve ordered another larger plate,  twice the small size that I’ll be able to “drop” in (meaning very little plumbing work).  Of course I’ll need to recharge both systems (the DC side and the engine driven side)  but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We’ve ordered a new WiFi setup. Can’t seem to have too many of those as options no matter where we’re are it seems like one setup works better then the other. What this new one will do is allow W/ and I to be online at the same time easily, and we’ll be able to connect our iTouch and iPhone to the internet too. We’ll see if my dreams equal reality.

I bought a torque wrench. When I redo the gasket on the generator I need to accurately torque the bolts down properly. I bought new stronger then SS bolts for the job. I bought some new gasket material so I won’t be using the cork.

Bad Place

Bad Place

W/ and I redid the exhaust / cooling plumbing for the generator. If you’re an active reader of our blog you may  remember the water pump  was dripping on the electrical connections for the regulator and the temp sensor. The salt water would short out the temp sensor and I would get a “hot” idiot light lit.  I shot the engine with the infrared sensor we keep on board and the engine was running at the correct temperature so we  continued to use it, but I hate, Hate, HATE, when things aren’t working right. So the sensors are moved and in the process we’ve moved the heat exchanger higher  so hopefully no air can be trapped in the cooling chamber of the engine. I’m not real fond of plumbing and electrical work yet  it seems that to cruise I’m just going to have to accept that curse!

Not sure if I mentioned this; but the wooden cutting boards we had installed as tops on the freezer and refrigerator began to warp! In Antigua we had removed and re-glued the freezer top and about a month later it began to bow upward. DAMN!  So we’ve contracted with Same Crew a woodworking company that does Meganite work and they’ll be making two new tops for us as well as repairing the damage the cruise ship caused us in the US and the damage we had from the trip to Trinidad. I would have done most of the woodwork myself but on a boat one just doesn’t have all the tools needed. It is one of the extra costs of cruising.

Port Of Spain

Port Of Spain

We’ve also contacted and contracted with Alpha Canvas products to make another set of interior cushion covers, to make new covers for our cockpit cushions, to make a new forward awning and to do some repairs to our main awning.  Yesterday we went with Julie from Sea Otter to the Port of Spain to look for fabric for the interior cushions.  In the past we’ve been in fabric stores

Rolls N Rolls

Rolls N Rolls

and they’ve  had 1,000’s of samples to choose from and always said “We can get it”.  Here in Trinidad  they didn’t have the samples, they had the bolts of fabric, there wasn’t any “We can get it”, it was, “We have it” and if that’s not enough I’m sure we have more upstairs.” What a delight; what a pain! A delight that indeed they we wouldn’t have to wait; a pain in that there are TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. Fortunately we had Julie and believe it or not I tried ( I swear I did), I tried to stay out of the decision as much as possible. We’ve chosen a bold (bold to us) floral pattern for the new covers inside

10 Percent of Store

10 Percent of Store

and possible a third set of with a party favors pattern. The party favors pattern may or may not get made here; we’ll see what any extra cost is. The new forward awning is going to set higher giving us better use of the foredeck and hopefully reducing the sail effect of any wind catching it. The new covers on the cockpit cushions will be out of a close weave Textilene. This fabric is PVC coated and will breath so we won’t have to always move and dry the cushions as it rains. And it still is raining quite a bit. It will be I believe a Moss Green; similar to our interior cushions that you never see! 🙂

We’ve ordered another March Pump. I’ll use the pump as replacement parts. I don’t remember if I mentioned a screw that came out of one. It’s I believe Al and I can’t get a replacement here. The screw slowly worked its way out and actually ended up wearing on the ends and looks like it’s tapered!

We’ve ordered spares for our Obendorfer waterpump that’s on the generator. It’s where I was so frustrated in Rodney Bay having to rebuild it there. It still leaks some so now I’ll have all the “correct” parts and be able to stop the water entering the boat! I don’t like water in the boat. I don’t like water in the boat. I don’t like water in the boat!  I’m saying that 3 times like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz hoping my dream of no water in the boat will come true. 🙂

We hope this weekend to begin some of the varnishing. W/ and I’ll do that. Then we’d like to be finished varnishing  by next week.

Next week I get to see about having some bronze bases made for the Lavac Heads. We’ve cracked both ours (guess I’m a little too heavy)? I’ve fixed them with JB Weld (a great boat product) and they seem to be holding fine but I would like a permanent fix. Then I need to begin re-plumbing the aft head and making a shorter hose run from the head to the pump and overboard.  Remember in Antigua one day it stopped pumping and when I finally found the clog it was all the calcite from the urine saltwater mixture that had created a solid; well almost, blockage in the lowest part of the hose.

I’m expecting to have the boat hauled for a couple of weeks and during the time of drying out any  moisture that made it to  the laminate from the nick we put somewhere around Antigua, we’re looking forward to doing some of the Trinidad tourist stuff.

Anyway; talking to Julie we too discovered that the main VHF on the boat isn’t functioning as it should. We can send and people seem to hear us, but we don’t hear their reply. The AIS is working fine, power to that unit is good and I’m getting information from the antenna, but I’m not getting any voice to the VHF unit. I’m now adding that to our “need to do now” list. I’ve gone and ordered a piece of  VHF coax to see if taking the AIS out of the loop doesn’t solve it. Then I’ll try an emergency antenna to make sure the unit works fine.  Oh well!  As they so often say and I’m doing my best to not believe it: Cruising is simply working on your boat in exotic places!

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