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Nothing is Permanent

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

We had waited a couple of weeks to come into the marina “Club Nautico” (For a contrasting

Club Nautico Docks

Club Nautico Docks

view)  to be in what we felt was a private, quiet spot. Kite (a Valiant 42) had the spot and they were about to head out to the San Blas so we had asked John, the dock master, if we

Club Nautico - Where we don't want to be!

Club Nautico - Where we don't want to be!

could have their old spot. Sure! The following day we brought Elysium in to do some projects that were on our bottomless list.

About a week ago John had been told by Pablo (the owner’s son)  to move boats, pointing them into the wake and the Summer winds.  As we were only here for a month we had asked to remain in the slip we were in and that we had waited for and we chose. Well, we had about 4 more days there. Saturday am John said he really, really, really, needed to move us. Damn!  We didn’t want to cause as I said,  now we had less then 2 weeks left but alas he is the dock master so we moved. The new position is a little more bouncy, out on a busier dock and actually has a little more shade with our awnings.

The caveat too was that the electric was going to be out for the day as they were upgrading some wiring and so the move would be less disruptive.  Our batteries were down ( I was massaging them with a deep discharge), our refrigeration was just vacuumed and recharged – we were ready to run the DC5000 to put the chill back in and this would set us back another day. However, move we did.  Power would be restored by 4 pm; we hoped.

Yeah, Right. At about noon, John left. The rumor mill was abuzz that  he was fired, he quit, he

A typical shower at Club Nautico

A typical shower at Club Nautico

took his stuff; he owned the computer that ran the DHCP server (where you get the number from to actually get information from the internet)  and fed the AP (access points) for the internet. Very quickly things went from a pain to a persistent sore spot.

We ran or shall I say walked some errands in the afternoon and when we returned about 4 pm there was; you guessed it,  no electricity.  At six still no electricity. We went out  to grab a pizza and when we got back at 9 there was still no electricity.  There was however work still being done on the wiring so we held out hope and were blessed with power somewhere shy of 10 pm! Tomorrow we can cool things down. Hurray!

Sunday came and went and the marina didn’t care about the internet. At least those that had spoken with the owners son had discovered the indifferent attitude of youth and heard the common refrain that many of  today’s kids use “So”!

We spoke with those that had spent more time here then us. One simply suggested a wait and see attitude; one that I’m not really good at showing and others had in the past gone and purchased a USB modem from Tigo (one of the Colombian cell providers) and that works quite well. New job added to the list for Tuesday, go buy a modem.  While here in paradise amidst 1.3 million people we didn’t feel like we wanted to be disconnected from our electronic  circulatory system. We do have a cell phone but calls to friends and family from one continent to another are prohibitively expensive while Skype and email fits well within our budget. It is hard for me to imagine why the price is so different when all the technologies use the same information highway.

By Tuesday we now have the cool back in the refrigerator and the cold back in the freezer so we began our trek to the various errand destinations. We stopped at Sven’s Labratorio Electrical (Sven is a genius when it comes to component level repair) to find out what’s happening with our Xantrax Prosine 2.0 (POS that it is). The unit is not yet ready and when it is I’ll report on Sven’s comments on the product, and we walked to the mall. Yep, malls are everywhere nowadays, how can we think that a good idea will only stay in the USA.  This one is filled with stores similar to any mall in the US; a food court several cell phone kiosks, as well at the major players, a grocery store; a Home Depot style store, huge bookstore,  and a parking garage. So we find TIGO and purchase a modem, then shop a little more and we finally choose to stroll back home. On the way back we stopped at a delightful Ice Cream lunch place that has an enormous  variety of fruit Sundays. There we shower ourselves with a decadent meal and arrive back home in the early afternoon.

I ice my eyes (still participating in the therapy needed from eye surgery) and we install  the modem. Although everything (instruction and screen dialogs) are in Spanish we work our way through the screens and Whalla! We’re part of the virtual universe again.  IB and Becca stopped by for a bit to discuss the evenings planned  adventures and we lounge in the cockpit. They leave to secure a customs extension for their boat and for themselves while we hang tight.

As most cruisers are by nature nosy people, we’re not really any different. W/ likes to keep the VHF radio on and I’m not fond of all the chatter but for the most part I acquiesce. We hear on the radio that John is back!  That the differences between Pablo and him have now been ironed  out. Hurray!  All’s well with the world. There will be some order maintained here; the internet will be set back up for cruisers   (oh – now we’ll have two connections), sanity is restored and we’ll all sleep better tonight.

2,500 years ago Heraclitus said “There is nothing permanent except change”. We often forget how intelligent the philosophers of old were yet his observation still bears fruit as we travel and observe the world on the South American Continent.

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