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I’m Ready!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

GQ (Gentlemans Quarterly) can contact me anytime. I’m ready. I’ve had my moment in cosmetic surgery and all went well.  I can’t yet show any pics, W/ won’t let me. Don’t know who she’s protecting. 🙂

The surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty)  was Monday.  I arrived at 8 am and had 4 attendants taking care of  me. Laying on the table with only a local anesthetic wasn’t a problem. I didn’t really feel anything. Well maybe when the Dr. peeled some of the extra skin away I felt a sting. But I don’t know if it was from the Dr.  peeling a sliver of skin from my upper eyelid  or from a local anesthetic being injected. Roughly an hour later I was up, off the table, and moving. First thing was ice. I sat in recovery for some time; how long I don’t know, and then ended up in a wheel chair on the street. W/ hailed a Taxi and home we came. I was home by about 11:30 am.

Total cost for the job  $2.3 million pesos or roughly #1,285.00 US. This fee covered the cost of the Dr., the Anesthesiologist, Nurses, any medications, a fancy pair of sunglasses (which I opted out of) and the Surgery Center. I had to get some blood work which cost roughly $55.00.  Five trips by taxi (both of us) cost $22 US.  I know a similar job in the US a few years ago cost close to 4k!  I’ll submit the cost to my insurance carrier in the US but I doubt I’ll recoup anything. Funny!  I might have been able to get something back from the insurance in the US but the cost would have been more and I’m figuring my out of pocket would have too.  And when you look at world health care rankings; the US is 37th and Colombia is 22nd (the lower the score the better the ranking) it makes for an interesting puzzle –  the cost for poorer health care (US) is greater then the cost for better health care (Colombia) !  Choosing where to take care of ourselves is I guess one of the benefits of cruising!

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