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The Cruisers Bane

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

As long distance cruisers one thing is patently obvious. The worlds division in fastners is a real PITA!

We’ve replaced our headstay. They don’t have imperial wire here so we opted for metric. Ok, no big deal. Then we needed a metric fitting on the top and either a metric fitting to imperial screw for the turnbuckle or a new turnbuckle. We choose all new.

Next to  replace the headstay we pulled down the furler. While I really like our furler it is no longer made anymore. Parts are unavailable. I have a bunch of spares and a spare short Famet Furler for the staysail we’ve never put up; but that’s it.

I dropped one part overboard (into water I don’t wish to submerse myself).  To the machine shop I go. One out of four lost.  I have 4 new machined up. Two out of the four actually look like they will work. One definitely does and I secure the drum to the foil. Now on to the foil and the rest of the drum.

When we pulled off the foil I twisted off some screw heads. The studs were still in place. One I was able to remove with heat (the riggers had a torch) and the others I left in place.  Some of the screws I stripped the Phillips so I used a dremel to cut a slot. The blade on the impact driver removed them the rest of the way. That worked for the bulk of the screw removal. However, those screws were toast.

While I have a large inventory of fastners it is not infinite. When in a port with hardware or yachting stores I usually pick up what I need from them.  Store one; we don’t carry imperial anymore. Damn! Store 2; we don’t carry imperial anymore. Double DAMN!  Luckily I found some longer bolts that I could cut and use. Somewhere along the way I also lost my tap for the screw used. I was using it to clean out any corrosion in any of the fittings. Again, no one carried them here. And again; luckily, I had a second tap.

Cruise and carry or not,  supplies at your own risk.  Imperial vs Metric. It is pathetic that the US didn’t have the humility and courage to adopt all metric decades ago. As cruisers; when traveling to exotic lands we pay for that spinless choice.

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