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Thursday, September 15th, 2016
Keep it fresh.

Keep it fresh.

Dorades.  We installed several dorades when refurbishing the boat and they have been one of the most valuable cruising additions; and for the most part maintenance.

On our last boat we didn’t have any dorades.  On rainy days and offshore; depending on the wind direction, the boat would become musty and sometimes smelly (I hate to say that) inside. At times the boat felt like a closed up closet.  On Elysium our dorades keep the boat well aired. Sometimes we actually have too much fresh air.  For times with too much air, I fabricated a simple closure that allows us to regulate the amount of air.

Dorade Interior Vent

Dorade Interior Vent

One would think that openings to the outside might bring unwanted water or flying pests in. I constructed the dorades in the traditional style with a tube extending 1” above the divider in the box.  I have 3 drain holes at the bottom of the box that allow any water to flow out without entering the boat.  In any weather, and in any sea we have never had a drip of water below. And while there is no screening in them Mosquitoes, No – See-Ums, and Flys appear to not find their way in. We do have screens for the hatches but that is all. The ports stay closed during intense times of the flying critters.

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