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Beating Depression

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

I was depressed some.  Maybe overly pessimistict would be a fine description too.  Years ago a peer in college gave Joe (another old friend from college) and I a cartoon. Two monks held tablets with descriptions. One description said  “The World is going to End Tomorrow”, the other “The World’s Never Going to End”.  At the bottom of the cartoon was the comment; “One’s an optimist and one’s a pessimist but I don’t know which is which”.  Guess I’m a little of both. Nothing beats being depressed like activity. By doing something one doesn’t have time to sit and think. So to that end I actively began the process of fixing the DC refrigeration.
First I had emailed the owner of Seafrost and he had replied to me the following day. As I could only get ideas from him I needed someone locally. Randy on Sea Otter had used a refrigeration guy in Trinidad and I picked up his contact info and the following day (Monday) call Keith  (pronounced Kiet – Islanders don’t seem to pronounce the H in words ie Math is Mats) . Fortunately Keith wasn’t immediately involved in a project and was able to come within the hour. He looked over the situation and I described to him what I had done, showed him the picture of the wires and the conclusion was we needed to remove the unit. Damn!  (Seems that word is becoming a permanent part of my cruising repertoire).

So we disconnected two water hoses, two refrigerant lines  (after removing the refrigerant), unbolted, and then off loaded the unit.  We looked inside the motor via the brush covers  to a cave covered with carbon and where the brushes were connected the wire insulation already beginning to melt! Keith suggested an electrical guy on the other side of the bay. One reason we’ve hired Keith is that he’ll know all the local contacts and save me a great deal of time and hopefully aggravation in trying to correctly source these individuals / companies.  The first stop was a bust. The shop basically did parts installs on motors. Oh, he could identify problems; but, then he would order the part and install it. Hell, mostly I could do that! He also said that he couldn’t even get to opening it up further till about Thursday or Friday 🙁 . We took the unit back and went to another source Keith knew. Into Diago Martin for a IMHO a real shop. Keith took me on a trip towards the Port O Spain where we turned off the highway towards the interior of Trinidad. There we wound through several streets and turned into an alley filled with various industrial shops. Finally, a shop I believed would be exactly what I needed. In there I saw that employees  were rewinding various sizes of motor  amateurs. They took a look at the motor. In it they identified that one of the brush holders was loose and most likely lost a rivet that helped hold it on, and in the bottom of the motor under the brushes there is what looked like  1/2 of a fan!  No way, no how could I have fixed that on the boat.  So there we left the motor and compressor with Keith’s phone number taped to it. I’m expecting to have it back in our hands later this week or early next week. If we’re lucky it will be installed sometime next week. Till then we’re running an ice chest (borrowed from Early Out) and lugging ice to the boat to keep things cool.

On to other projects, we had ordered some Lip Seals for the the water pump. I checked the tracking and they’re finally shown to be in Chag.  I went to Customs; and they can’t find the package.  I came back to the boat and checked the tracking data and found that it said they had delivered the package to the front desk of our marina!  I went there and luckily the package was there. On our list now is finishing up the generator (redoing the gasket on the coolant chamber, replacing the lip seal on the water pump, replacing the bolts on the pully-water pump with hex heads), replacing some wire on the DC refrigeration, sealing the brown boot strip on the hull, and several other small projects.

And of some of the finished projects, here too is a pic of our new “Crew” cushion covers.  Alpha Canvas did a fantastic job in making the new covers and putting in new foam.  We’re quite happy with them.

New Cushion Covers

New Cushion Covers

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