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I’m Not Dead Yet!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

I know it’s been a bit since my last post. Sorry. I’ve gotten wrapped up in a long tomb of books; the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Each book in this damn series is 300k  + words long and there are something like 14!  I’m on book 13 and the good news / bad news is that the last one will not be published till Jan of ’13!

Besides that we’ve been struggling with the refrigeration system. For those bored with sitting at a desk and want to see what real world problem solving is like they can read the discussion.

And while I may have a bad compressor I’m still learning about the system and will know more when this issue is finished. Maybe I’ll end up as our friends on  Infini did and just switch it all out for two simple evaporator plate systems. Who knows. But I hate, HATE, HATE, admitting that I made such a grave error in outfitting the boat that we’ll end up discarding this “Gold Plated” holding plate system from Sea Frost and switch. The other option is to get  really large evaporator plate from Dole and replace the smaller one in the freezer with some dead space under it. Then the inside wall of the freezer would all be holding plate and maybe, just maybe, I could get down to running the generator once / day. Maybe!

Speaking of; while evaporator plates are much simpler and demand much less peak energy to run although close to the same daily amount,  they tend to have electronic modules that can be harmed by close  lightening strikes. So as in all things yachting. There are compromises.

Two projects I”m working on to share with the boat community and friends: 1) Awnings, and 2) Costs.  I hope to have them completed sometime this month and posted. Cruising costs are always available on my website and usually don’t end up more then 4 months behind.

Anyway, W/’s been working on bulk photos and has put them up on her  Facebook photos. They are:  Sapzurro Colombia, Spring Summer 2012, , Isla Pinos, Hike with Lisa, Tigre Revolution Reinactment, Grouper Tail, and Carti to Panama City. Those are for public viewing so you may check all out that your heart desires.

And while we hang out here in Puerto Lindo we do have much easier access to the civilized population areas of Panama and a 3G cell phone network which we’ve enjoyed. It’s almost like being in a modern Westernized Country. Almost…..

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

Addendum: Received and email from svReach concerning the lightening and refrigeration systems. He’d been struck last year; with a great deal of elecrtrical damage and yet had no damage to his refrigeration system. Further several boats here on the N Coast of Panama had been struck and only one had a refrigeration issue. Mark (from svReach)  had indicated that about 10 years ago the manufactures all switched to using the Danfoss system and the Danfoss control boards. Those boards are in a grounded Aluminum box and thus maybe better able to handle  Electrical Magnetic Pulses better then any of the old styles. However;  he also indicated that he carries a spare board just in case!