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What a Night !

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

When there is only one road with a large log across it I think about how to clear the jam before I can rest. Any situation that is slightly beyond my understanding demands serious thought and my body and my brian will ensure I give it that thought. So it was with the Perkins.

Everything is back together and we’ve been adding coolant. We have all the coolant. We fill up the header tank, run the engine till warm,  the thermostat opens up and the coolant enters. We add more coolant and repeat the process. We’ve run it now 3 times and for the most part the engine now has it’s full compliment of coolant.  As afternoon approaches we figure to run it again like we’re moving. Run it for an hour to make sure everything is “hunky dory”.  W/’s out window shopping and I’m the one left to check it all out.

I start it up and the engine comes up to temperature fine. I get the infrared temp sensor out and check the sensors on the engine and a couple of places on the block. Not bad a little warm here and there but not hot. I return to the cockpit to see the gauge climbing towards 200 F.  Not good but I”m thinking it will drop back soon. It keeps rising slowly. About 15 minutes into the run the Hight Temp alarm starts beeping. DAMN!

Immediately I shut the engine down and my brain goes into 4 wheel mode. Every neuron firing and all demanding to do so at the same time.  I go through the check list, enough coolant, yep, enough raw water, appeared to be so – the raw water alarm did not go off – but I should check the strainer. OK, I’ll do it now; that ought to quiet my brain.

I get out some more paper towels; one of the most valuable things on a cruising boat, and open up the strainer. Yep, some stuff is in there but not what would appear to be enough to restrict the water flow. I clean it anyway.  That done I return to the engine room to put it back together. It’s a PERKO strainer and I’ve never liked it but never had the inclination to replace it. It works. There is one large toggle bolt that runs down through the strainer and screws into the bottom. I have to line it up for 6″ and pass it through the bottom of the strainer and tighten. Eventually I get it lined up and tighten. Open the seacock back up and remove the clamp on the hose feeding the dripless cutlass.  Water flows into the strainer,  I don’t believe that is suppose to be happening but I don’t think much off it. Water seeks it’s own level so I don’t worry; but as it rises towards the top of the strainer it begins to seep; or should I say flow out into the boat. Damn! I investigate and find that the bolt holding the one side of the strainer is broken. I shut the seacock,  clamp the hose and begin to remove the strainer. The bronze (or maybe red-brass or maybe even brass) bolt has parted where it enters the threads holding the bottom of the strainer.  DAMN.

I bring the parts to my work station; W/s galley sink, and begin to clean more and start to disassemble the other bolt. Without any real effort; instead of rotating and coming out, it too snaps at the point where it enters the bottom piece. Ok, I know we have some SS all thread so I could cut some replacement bolts. I go and check. I find it; but, it is not the correct size. I take a break. I’m dejected. I get some ice water and some comfort food; Oreos, and sit in the cockpit.

W/ arrives and I hop off the boat to pull it over for her to get on easier. She’s smiles; I’m frowning.  I explain the situation to her and she tells me that she saw a lot of SS all thread yesterday; guess where, Ocean 2000.  Fortunately tomorrow is Saturday and I’m convinced they are open at 8 am. Till then we are back to NOT normal. The boat engine does NOT work.

Fortunately the generator still does and all the boat systems do, we don’t have to move yet, we did pay for the marina till Sat. And too the Marina manager informed us that if we need to leave Sunday consider that his gift so we are good through Sunday.  Tomorrow I’ll hike to Ocean 2000 and be there when it opens.

Tonight I’m thinking of what I need to do and how to do it. I also email my shore side support and tell them of the situation. Knowing there is a 5 hour time difference I don’t expect to see anything till the am; if then. They do have a life besides answering my emails.

Raised Coolant Tube 1:

Raised Coolant Tube 1:

I can’t sleep. I think maybe it has to do with the coolant tube I raised. It could well have an air lock in it.  I’m a wee bit concerned about the raw water strainer. Can I get the correct size all thread?  Should I look to purchase  a new raw water strainer? Often I can be penny wise and pound foolish. Is that what I’m being here?  I need to check to make sure the impeller is fine and hasn’t fallen apart with blades restricting the water flow. If I can I’ll stop at the plumbing store to see if I can get a single bushing for the thermostat and move it closer to the engine then I can lower the coolant tube back to it’s original position.  All this is running through my head like tires spinning on an icy road. I need to slow down.

I climb out of bed and write down  “check the impeller”. I’ve found if I can write things down before bed my brain will stop spinning that wheel. I still can’t sleep, I get up and find a fitting the size of the sensor and the bushing; I put the two together for tomorrow so I can show the plumbing store and explain in my limited – almost non existent French.  Another wheel quits spinning. I go back to bed. Finally I fall off to sleep. Four hours later I’m awake … spinning.  How long I don’t know but eventually I get back to sleep.  By 4:30 am  I’m awake again. I roll over, again roll over,  and finally decide I don’t want to wake W/ so I just get up. At 7:30 am I’ll be leaving anyway to the store. I get up and prepare for the day, full of hope, dealing with my anxiety, wanting to move but knowing it’s foolish to try and we are after all in a good spot to do what we need to do.  W/ rises early too; mainly cause I’m up. She makes breakfast which helps distract me and by 7:30  I’m on my way. It’s only a matter of time. I tell myself it’s nothing like what Escape Velocity has to deal with; it’s only a thermostat replacement. They’ve had to deal with replacing their mast in a foreign country.  But it doesn’t matter, my brain doesn’t care at this moment what problems others have; only that I’m responsible for the mechanical functioning of this boat and right now it’s broke, and I too feel broken.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long