Cost of Repairing your Boat in Paradise

The following is the cost of the; what I would say, simple repair in the replacement of the thermostat.  Notes are at the bottom. Cost Thermostat Change for a Perkins 4-236 Diesel in French Polynesia Item Price CFP Price US Notes Marina 52,088 612.80 (a) High Temp Engine Paint 3,371 39.65 Hose 5/8″ 780 9.17 … Continue reading “Cost of Repairing your Boat in Paradise”

Fingers Crossed….Success!

In the a.m. I was able to get the 1/4″ SS all thread. I also looked at replacing the strainers but the installation will be a little problematic. I had till 10:30 to decide as it takes me 30 minutes to walk to the store. I’m sure they wouldn’t close if I walked in a … Continue reading “Fingers Crossed….Success!”


Frustration raises its ugly head when work time becomes greater then the expected completion time. Since launching we’ve been playing dodge ball with this emotion and doing our best to readjust our time expectations. The main engine elbow is in and 99% complete.  The water neck which sends water to the exhaust line via a … Continue reading “FRUSTRATIONS”