Want to Cruise?

Shamless No self Promotion

Some of my friends, well, maybe many, think I am rather shameless. My nickname of Damn Dave is a moniker I wear with pride. It is with that knowledge I wish to point out this opportunity for any want to be cruisers.

Passport Tayana V42

This is not our boat. The back story is that one of our cruising friends has passed away. Early and unexpected. He and his wife had planned to head for the Bahamas this year. The boat is currently on the hard in Georgia and I can attest to the quality of care that has gone into it. The owner was an Electrical Engineer and anyone that knows an engineer understands how picky and methodical they are in maintaining mechanical things. This boat is in far superior shape for it’s age and been meticulously maintained. If someone is looking to, or thinking about cruising soon; consider this yacht.

As usual, I have no financial ownership in, nor receive any renumberation from the sale of this boat. I know the owner, I know the boat. I wish you all well.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long