US Reflections

If you are a full time cruiser like I am, if you’ve been out on the oceans, harbors, and anchorages for years. Be very cautious in returning to your home country. Don’t get me wrong. There will be some good / great things there. For me; the good does not outweigh the bad. Family, friends, comfort food… all great. Noise, a lot of noise, pollution- whether it be light or air; it doesn’t matter. And people, people everywhere. People in cars, in malls, elbow to elbow. I feel like I’m in an alternate reality. Then add to it that society; at least American society is dysfunctional. People can’t discuss things that are important to them anymore. They hide behind platitudes and their bubble memes. Their beliefs are sacrosanct. Capitalism has maximized how to exploit your pocket book. It is one thing to make money, quite another to write your own rules to get more money.

Case in point. We’ve driven for years without any accident. Owned and driven in NZ. Owned and driven in Aus. Bought a car to drive here. No accidents in the last 5 decades of my driving life. But! BUT, since I have not had US insurance on any vehicle for 15 years or so they charge us more! If you have not been suckling at the teet of the insurance industry they will “gouge” you. If you can’t tell, I despise the insurance industry. Yet to drive in the US without insurance is driving on the road to bankruptcy. I look forward to getting off this mouse wheel.

Noise, is constant. Truth: I’ve not been hiding out in a forest. I’ve been visiting friends and family. They often have kids or live in urban areas. Ambulances, police cars, kids having friends over, and contests on who can make the most … noise. I’m sure I was like that as a kid. I don’t begrudge their time. After listening to Mother Nature all these past years there is a point that the noise becomes a bit much. TV’s on all day, the newest pop artist streaming, To me it is more noise. Yeah, I like music, years ago I gave up ear splitting, headache producing music.

I don’t know how the weather is effecting me. I just know that my upper respiratory systems has been toying with me. Not clear and free like most of my time on the boat. I look forward to my return.

People to people. Think you don’t need a vaccine? Think again. People crammed together mean people getting sick. We’ve lost two tennis friends because they bought into the hype that “ Covid” wasn’t a big thing. One event we were at with up to 25 people, 4 became sick. One to the emergency care for good drugs. When cruising, most countries require vaccinations. That helps; as well as there is ample space between cruising people. Yeah, as cruisers we can get sick. For the most part it is mild and far, far apart from the previous time.

And the political situation in the US is a disaster. People have a difficult time talking about things of consequence.. If one is in their same cultural bubble all is good. Get out of it and hell can break loose. People love telling others how to live and don’t follow their own advice. The “Do as I say and not what I do” philosophy is rampant. Don’t get me wrong. I love people, restaurants, good books, movies, and lively conversations. I don’t love having it all shoved down my throat. And so I want to go back. Back to a simpler life, back to where Mother Nature is my muse, my companion, my guide.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long