Working On Website … and..

Well, boat work has been slowly progressing. W/ and I have been diligently

Ready for the final Epoxy Teak protection

working away on the new Teak coating. And it is looking … great. The one big caveat is that our work time in application is about 20 minutes. So, we do what we’ve always done on the boat… baby steps. Eventually we will get there.

In the off time I’ve been working on the web site. I think it will actually display and work fine now on tablets and phones. Although the pages have a great deal of images and phone screens for my part are so damn small.

I’ve also added some new galleries: the Chesapeake, some of our history in the Bahamas, and our two visits to Columbia.

I’ll try to add more galleries as our time permits. And with Covid still having travel in the world shut down for cruisers I’m seeing time in my future.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

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