If you think I’ve been AWOL, I haven’t. But! I have been somewhat negligent in updating the blog. Really, I’ve not been motivated. I’ve blogged about our trip for well over a decade and was getting rather tired of it. It does take some work; for me. Some people can spit out words and they create beautiful prose. Not me, I try to proof it, then ask W/ to proof, and then run it through a word program for active and passive voice. After which I often have  one or two pictures to add. I look for something interesting. I resize them for the page and finally optimize them so they load fast. Now I know that if anyone is still following this blog, the majority have high speed internet. Yet other cruisers are not so well situated. Cruisers look for restaurants, SIM cards, libraries, etc, for their internet access. So ….here I am again sharing with you a peek into our life on the water.
Locked down during Covid, I’ve read books, played a lot of chess, worked on the boat, visited friends in Brissi, played tennis – hell, it sounds like fun. But! We’ve not moved the boat. Tired of twiddling my thumbs I decided to clean up the website. It has languished for years and I ignored it. The web has grown, I haven’t grown with it. On my site there were (and still are) pages that don’t load smoothly, pages with bad links, pages with poor code. I decided to clean it up. All of it. Whew! A much bigger job than I first thought. First, I’ve already forgotten some of the coding I use to know; and second, the web and coding has grown more appendages to create with. While I don’t expect to learn much of the new, I know I won’t get away with sitting on my laurels. I’ll be updating some software and if all goes well get the site up and functioning smoothly… again. I do see now how the blog and the site can work together, complimenting each otter. So while I’m deep into the changes, here is one section I think might please a few of you (picture galleries) . The galleries are broken down into a couple of sections so if you are interested in only the boat- it’s there, or just the tourist stuff- it is there too.
I don’t expect to blog as often, but I do hope to be a little more frequent than I have been.
Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

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