Wrong Diagnosis…

There is a life expectancy for hoses. I’ve heard varying amounts of years quoted. And yet I have never seen a “hose warning” label, ex “this hose is good for XX years”.

What I’ve been watching for awhile now.

Another cruising friend had informed me I had a leak in my generator. The hose next to it has a long oil like substance dripping down it. Smugly I said, I know, I can’t find the leak.

I saw the mess about 2 years ago. I had placed cardboard on the hose with wire ties trying to identify where the leak was coming from. I ran the water maker. Moved the card board. Still the oily mess made it’s way down the hose. I moved it some more and looked for any oil being spit out by the new generator. i still couldn’t find it.

In exasperation I decided it must be the hose. It is degrading. Put “change out hose” on the list. And as most yachties know, when you start one project others soon rise from the sea. Since I was working in the engine room; it actually felt more like I lived there. I figured it was time to replace the hose. BTW that hose is over 19 years old. It was on the boat when we purchased her. And as 1 1/2” wire bound hose is a pretty standard boat hose I was lucky the marine store here had it in stock.

As work progressed on the engine, I was near to where I could  easily replace to the hose. I say  easily but if you love messing around in boats you know;  nothing is easy. I had one marine yard mechanic say in a war between a hose and the owner; the hose often won. I am ready to tackle this job. But wait!

Mike and Jenny were coming by on their exit of Australia. Mike is one of my shore support team members you may hear mentioned  every so often. They too own a sister ship of Elysium. So as any Captain does, they like to look over what changes have been made and see what

Oily, Messy, slimmy, Yuck

 ideas they wish to “steal” from another’s boat. 🙂 Mike looks in the engine room and say’s “Oh you have a cockpit drain hose that is degrading”. SMH Why didn’t he stop by a year or so ago and tell me. LOL. Anyway, I tell him my odyssey and I see that smile on his face. Yes, I know he was laughing inside at my bending over backwards trying to find a leak when all the time it was an aged hose.

That hose is with us no longer. Sent to the trash heap. I flushed out all the salt water with buckets of fresh. Closed the seacock and drained the left over water out of the hose. Then tore into it with some choice english vocabulary not taught in public schools. With the hose out, I could warm up the new hose ends and connected the fittings. Add some new clamps, and bingo! Ensuring no leaks I open the seacock for the drains. Finally, no more black gooey stuff running down the hoses and messing up my engine room and it does not leak. Oh Happy day!

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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