The Tourist Dance

We finally broke down and did a couple of tourist things. We shared a rental car with Vagabond and went to a turtle laying beach.
First Time Lawn Bowling

W/ first time Lawn Bowling

On the way there we passed a Lawn Bowling club that said open to the public and kids eat free on Fridays. We had a kid with us. 🙂 Sweet. She didn’t eat. 🙁 Anyway, one of the members took a shine to Dan (Canadian) and he kindly encouraged us to try Lawn Bowling. Not knowing any of the game he explained much to us. All except how to score. The balls are balanced funny and not really round. Thus if you roll them down the green, as they slow down they curve right or left. If you try rolling them on their flat sides they bounce part way down and fall short. We tried a few. About 20 tosses in W/ hit the “jack”. She was first to strike the target. Immediately following her I hit the jack. All of us came close at one time or another but that was it. After we sat and chatted for a bit, then hit the road to our destination for the evening: turtle beach.

Other cruisers had come across nesting sea turtles recently at this beach. This is our second time in attempting to see turtles nest. The first was in Granada. Currently we’re 0 for 2. We’ve seen turtles hatching and returning to the sea in two places in Mexico. But; never nesting.
As a consolation we spoke with the Turtle volunteers. Interesting info. One volunteer has been doing the watch for decades. He told us of fisheries that have required fishing vessels to install turtle doors in their nets. This allows turtles caught to escape and survive. At the time the turtles nesting on the beach where he watches were close to 200 / year. Now 15 years later they are close to 600 / year. The eggs are in the ground for 8 weeks then hatch. Each nest contains about a 120+ eggs. And the females may nest 3 or more times per season. Out of a 1,000 hatchlings, one survives to adulthood. Not good odds. I hope we have better odds in seeing a nesting sea turtle in the future.
Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long

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