Headin’ South

The trip was not fun! We waited for about 4 more weeks than some other sailing friends of ours. They left and we thought the winds will still become more favorable. They did; 4 weeks later! SMH. And they didn’t stay favorable for the entire trip. All of one day.

David from Gulf Harbor Radio indicated we might have a good trip as the winds don’t often blow long from the East. The East winds would give us a broad reach all the way to New Caladonia.

We had cleared out, loaded up the dinghy and by 7 am cast off the mooring lines and headed out of the anchorage. Sails hoisted (reefed mainsail and Jib) we were moving fast; fast for a yacht in the perfect direction. I’m not going to re-write what I said in our Predict wind track. If you want further detail of our frustrations you can read them there. About 30 hours later we pulled in to the anchorage at Lifou and there we waited for the officials for clearance.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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