A Tourist in Port Resolution

We stopped at the top of Aneityum before departing to Port Resolution on Tanna. We hoped to take a tour of Yasur, one of the few active volcanos in the world we can get close to. The anchorage on the N end was ok, not great, not horrible. We would not plan on spending much time there. Less is more in this case.
We upped anchor in the dark and followed our GPS track out. A few minutes later I could breath easier and we hoped to set sail. It was not to be. The iron genie did the work for most of the trip. About 1/2 way we put out some sail. The ride was a bit bumpy but I love the quite of mother nature moving the boat to where we want to go.
We pulled into Port Resolution about 3 and dropped the hook in 20’ of water over volcanic sand. Within the hour we decided to put out the flopper stopper. At this point it wasn’t all bad but we had heard that the swell works it way around the bay entrance.
We emailed our tour guy for the volcano. W/ had received the name from Aquarius and they liked him. He was spot on but the wrong guy. He’s not from the village that “claims” the bay. When we went to the yacht club for pickup up we were sadly informed of that. The yacht club owner/manager (Wherry) actually wanted us to ensure that he gets to speak with our guide. After their conversation hat said we were off.
Contact Werry for trips to Yasur
Just incase anyone is planning on stopping here to clear in and see Yasur; the correct info
for touring the volcano is: Weery (yes that is his name); Ph: 541-6989 or 537 6209. In person you can find him by entering the little bay( generally in front of where one would anchor), haul the dinghy up on the beach and ascend the steps on the left.
Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long
ps this is a bit out of order and after my next post I will place it in the proper sequence.