A Late Night Surprise

We’re getting ready to retire (to bed) and the refrigeration high pressure switch shuts everything down. Usually that is from a lack of cooling water. However not moving I would be surprised. When we move and flush the aft toilet air gets into the refrigeration cooling water and creates a vapor lock…sometimes. Yes I know the thru hulls are not placed the best. This is where Westsail had them.

I go to investigate. I move some of the boat stores around the pump so I can check the pump. The system has equalized enough that we can run it for a few minutes. I attempt to bleed the air out. W/ turns the system on…. nothing. We attempt that method a couple of times. It seems there is no water going through the pump. I do have a spare pump but am NOT interested in doing this change before bed!

The aft toilet is on the same thru hull system. We pump the toilet and it to is getting no water entering! Now, I’ve  isolated that it is NOT the pump. That may be good. We’ll see.

I close the thru hull and open up the strainer. Out slithers a mucus membrane; possibly part of a left over jelly fish. I pull the strainer and W/ cleans it. Just to note, we clean the strainer about 2 x’s / year. We did this last in Vuda Point Marina when we haul for the yearly clean up and prepare for offshore.

Moon Jelly FishOnce the strainer was clean I began to clean the innards of the seacock. We fill with water and siphoned out all the crap that was there. Besides that i discovered that there were barnacles growing about the opening that enters to the hose that feeds the system.

I’ve never really checked those before. It looks like now I need to pull the entire strainer off the seacock and ensure that the feed to the hose and the hoses are not housing more barnacles. I clean the opening as best as I can, install the strainer, put the cap back on and open it up.

It immediately fills with water. That’s a good thing. At least there is not a fish / creature that is stuck to the outer opening of the thru hull. I bleed air off the line to the refrigeration pump. W turns it on and I watch to see if water is shooting out my bleed line. Bingo. It is. I close the valve to the pump and water begins running to cool the pump. W/ checks outside to ensure that the water is making it all the way through and “Yippee” we’re back in business. We clean up the engine room, wash up ourselves and finally, again, begin to ready ourselves for counting sheep.

Post script: The refrigeration ran for about 30 minutes and then stopped again. I checked outside and there are jelly fish floating all around. We’ll be good till morning. Ah… the adventures of cruising. 🙂

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


ps  A few days later the Moon Jelly Fish were so thick one could imagine walking on them across Crop of Moon Jelly Fishthe water.


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