An Ugly Day…or Two

We are under the U of Vanuatu to the left of the Thunderstorm.

An ugly couple of days. A stationary front sits right on top of us. In he image we are just to the W of that thunderstorm symbol. We’ve not had any T-Storms actually but the wind has been constant 20-30 kts in the anchorage, the rigging has been singing like a ghost during Holloween, and intermittently the rains have been off and on.

To top it off, by most appearances here the cell tower runs by solar. For over 24 hours we had no internet. Weather info is more difficult to get and communicating with family and friends difficult. Finally; I think those in the community were effected and the cell tower is functioning again. I’m not sure what they did, maybe just turned a generator on to run it. It doesn’t matter; we’re back in the world of electrons.

We could always communicate some. We have a ham radio / SSB setup. And we purchased an Iridium Go from Predict Wind. We have data capabilities with either setup. Thus emergency emails as well as most weather info we can still acquire.

Anyway; we wait for the officials. I think it’s only two days away now.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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