I went up the mast today to check the rigging before we left for Vanuatu. Oh SHIT!  I found two broken wires on the headstay. Lucky and unlucky. We’re hoping to leave for Vanutatu Tuesday.  I called the only rigger around; Bruce.  He has 10 mm wire which is quite close to the 3/8 size but we won’t be able to use the HighMod fitttings. He actually indicated that the Hy-Mod etc fittings up top don’t do all the best with roller furling. I haven’t seen any of that info but that was his take on it. As of this am we have 95% of the roller furling down. We’ve sent him a length of clevis pin to clevis pin. I dropped one piece in the water (a few curse words were promptly said) and we have a diver coming to see if he can retrieve it. We can’t get the drum off the lower section but there is a machine shop here. So we hit a speed bump. We are getting over it. Hopefully we can still make the Tuesday departure. Cheers…

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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