We’re Here!

We were looking forward to three things: Washing the boat, a good wash of ourselves, and washing the clothes. Denarau is one of the nicer Marinas in the S Pacific. Sadly, they could only offer one out of the three things we wanted.
We had called ahead for a mooring. 🙁 This marina takes a lot of reservations and no deposits. Some yachties reserve the moorings for when they think they might be there. Then simply don’t show or cancel at the last minute. Thus the majority of moorings are booked 24/7. And today that was the case.
Lucky for us, they did have a few slips available. We took slip. That ensured that we could get the boat washed, shower and catch up on laundry. When I walked up to the office for registration I became lost. The office building I knew disappeared. The new one was in a makeshift container. Nice; but not the same. I registered and asked about the laundry and showers. Opps, they are not available yet. A new office “complex” is being built and they don’lt have any showers or laundry. Any discounts for the lack of usual services. Nope, sorry. Well, that is Fiji.
We’ll need to find alternatives. Showering aboard wasn’t an issue but lots and lots of hot water to shower was. And laundry, we’ll see. Fortunately Sue and Andrew (local sailors) came to the rescue with laundry saying we could use the machine at their house.
After a good boat wash and some libations we settled in for the week.
Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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