I know – I’ve been -negligent. Sometimes life gets in the way of the things  I’ve made a personal commitment to do, like this blog.  My goal has been to update it every two weeks. I’ve tried to keep the blog focused on what  life is like on the water; really, not the white washed life you see in Cruising World, or Yachting. But; sometimes I just simply fail.

I’ve wanted to do a piece on Awnings.  I’ve taken a lot of pics of the various awning setups on boats but haven’t sat down to put it all together.  Doing a blog takes between one and four hours depending on what pictures I want to show; optimizing the pictures for the web for faster display and trying to dig out all my spelling and grammatical errors. W/ helps in the latter two and spell check is a godsend to my lack of innate spelling ability but it all still takes time.

Then too I’ve been working on the website; adding quite a bit to things that work on the boat and those that don’t, companies that are supportive and those that aren’t, things that break and why and things that don’t.

I’ve tried to keep up the financials and enter that information every three months but that too is a bit behind. A great deal of the non cruising dreamers want to know what this lifestyle costs and so I try to detail that on those pages knowing that each boat is different and each individual or couple is different. But it is a starting place for someone who is looking.

And too life is to be lived. My mom came down and visited us. She spent about 15 days here and we hauled her all over Panama showing her things that in the US simply aren’t there. She loves plants and animals and we went into the jungle on several occasions to see the monkeys’ and birds, the flowers and the trees.  She left tired but in good spirits and she said she slept like a baby on the boat.

We’re now in a marina; Shelter Bay, again, and we’re fixing and working on all the things that have happened over the last year, ordering more spares to replace those we used and ordering new spares of the things that we’ve discovered we’ll need.

The Aquagen has been taking up most of my time since my mom returned home.  I’ve replaced the heat exchanger (had a leak in the old one) have a new exhaust elbow (had a crack and thus a leak), replacing the muffler (it began to seep salt out all it’s pores),  and have to replace a bracket on the alternator  (the bracket was chafing as it was Al on a SS bolt with threads that always seemed to saw through the softer Al). I have to rebuild the high pressure pump that I screwed up on because it now leaks (mostly my fault), replace a valve that is the high pressure boost, paint the muffler box that the muffler sits in, clean up from the salt mist in the engine room, and put it all back together.

Then we have to …… well best to just say that the list is long and too there have been some changes at the Marina I’ve not been too fond of.  Lyman Morse has arrived and they bring some of the US ideology like “what the market will bear” as opposed to what is moral and fair.  If I’m not mistaken the US calls “What the market will bear” in some circumstances “price gouging” but here it is normal. I’ve not yet talked to Kieth, the rep from LM about some work wondering if I should put it off and get work completed  farther down the line. We’ll see.

We have our tickets back to the states, we have a date to pull the boat, we have reservations for a shore side stay while we prep the boat for storage for a few months.  But let me not forget, we’re doing this in Paradise.  So we attend the weekly cruiser food gatherings, we attend “Happy Hour” and we try to exercise, jump rope and work out in the weight room, then we walk the docks.  We enjoy the restaurant here, Chris the chef is great and the prices while a little high in Panama are fair. All in all a great life, and a much better life when we make our own schedule.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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