Cruzin in Style

While here in Cartagena doin some projects and enjoying the Latin culture – the ship The World pulls in. This ship is a floating condo and people purchase or rent living units. I tried to find the cost of purchasing  a basic unit but couldn’t; however,  I did find a price for renting. A veranda unit can be rented for the paultry sum of about 2k / day for two people. Of course you don’t have the luxury of shopping for food in new cities, nor of rowing or powering a small dinghy ashore. Everything appears to be done for you –  or to you.  If that’s the way you want to cruise then get ready to empty your bank account. Of course, in this case the old saying about boating  is most certainly true. If you have to ask how much; you obviously can’t afford it!

The World, Cartagena, Colombia, SA

The World, Cartagena, Colombia, SA

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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