Eatin Crow

First let it be said that I’m a meat eater. Never had crow in the physical sense but it wouldn’t kill me.  Yet last night I had to eat some crow.

W/ had said her Yoga instructor was explaining  that Buddha had a large stomach not from food but from inhaling deep down. I’d been under the impression that to inhale the muscles of the diaphragm relax and to exhale they contract.  I thought an Iron lung only added pressure for the occupant to exhale and then normal air pressure would cause them to inhale.

As kids swimming in a friends backyard pool we had tried to hide underwater in the game of Marco Polo by breathing through a garden hose. Anyone that has tried this “trick” understands that it is  physically impossible to inhale even a few inches below the surface of the water without a pressurized air source (aka Scuba or Hookah). So for 40 – 50 years I firmly believed  that the process of inhalation was due to the diaphragm muscle relaxing and exhaling was the muscle contracting.

After both of us; IB and I, put forward our conceptual understanding we eventually came to an impasse, one  that he was willing to bet pick slips on.  I,  knowing first that I only bet on sure things and second that as a scientists nothing is sure; I graciously refused. So after diner and drinks we took taxi’s our respective ways back to our homes (boats). Their boat was hauled in the yard and we were at the infamous Club Nautico.  There upon both of us set out to finally place the cross in the others heart. We hit the internet and began to search for the answer.

His cab was faster, or he was closer to home when we left. By the time I had made my first query  the phone rang.  “How’s that crow taste”? I got the address of the page he was looking at and indeed it seems that I was mostly, maybe grossly wrong, at least about the diaphram. Seems that there are quite a few  muscles responsible for respiration in humans. So I’m eating crow, I’m still learning. I hope it never stops (both the learning and the breathing). 🙂

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