We’re Here!

We’ve arrived. It’s been about 15 years since we’ve been here in our own boat. About 10 years since visiting; and things have changed. In our mind; at this point, not for the better. But time will tell. Seems that progress has smacked the Bahamas on the head. This harbor use to be quiet even in summer. Now the hill sides are full of homes and the marinas have built out extra docks. Heracles I believe said that “There is nothing permanent in the world except change” and that is the case here.

Mostly the cost of goods stays relative related to the states at about 2 x’s the US. Before we left the states I had bought some “Chips A-Hoy” for 2 packages for $6. Here / package it is $6.60. But still we’re here. Tonight we expect a cold front to move through so we’ll be making amps from our WindCharger and watching the anchors

Fair Winds


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