We’ve left

We left in the am. Chicken me went up to Memory Rock adding about 12 nm to the trip. But I didn’t want to lay the boat over in shallow water in the Indian Cay cut. So we motored N and cut into the banks about 2 miles S of Memory rock seeing nothing less than 8′ of water. Funny; those that went through the cut say too is was 7+ feet all the way. Oh well!

We then motor sailed to Great Sale Cay and anchored the night where w/ said the sky was magical. Almost nill light pollution! We could see some sky glow from Freeport Grand Bahamas but it didn’t really effect the stars above. Plus the air was dry as we’d been watching cold front after cold front pass so I’m sure we were able to imagine some extra stars out.

Saturday we had quite a good sail to Green Turtle Cay – White Sound. Mostly it was down wind which can be a little bit of a pain with the rolling and the possibility of jibing but all in all we sailed 90% of the way. After upping anchor we rounded the S end of Great Sale and then hoisted them all. We furled the sails just outside of Green Turtle.

Fair Winds


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