Bummed in Paradise

I know. Sounds weird doesn’t it. Yesterday I was quite depressed. I figure that’s really normal. I subscribe to the concept that for every Great day I’m going to have a “S—-y” day. Yesterday took a couple of  S—–y days off my bill.

We tried running the DC 5000 in the am and it began to over heat.  Shut it down and hoped that maybe the issue was partially because the holding plates were so iced up. We stepped back, took a deep breath,  and defrosted the plates in the freezer and the refrigerator.  Once done we tried the 5000 again and the motor began to warm up  (170 degrees) and slow down.  I wasn’t happy.

We’d just finished installing the new VHF and the new Battery Charger. Both of us were planning on a low work day, Wendy playing the Train Domino game and I playing chess while doing nothing else the rest of the day. It just wasn’t to be.

I encouraged W/ to go play while I began to investigate – take apart the motor. Inside I found wires that were melting. Oh – Oh.  I began to replace them. I

Insulation Not Good

Insulation Not Good

checked the brushes, they seemed ok and put it all back together.  It worked!  Hooray! She then left to play while I started up the compressor and watched.  All worked well for an hour or so then the motor began to reheat again!  Need I tell you my thoughts?  Shut it down and investigate. I emailed Cleave at Seafrost (yeah I know it was Sunday). I pulled out the brushes and discovered that one brush seemed to be binding. Sand the edges and try again.  It works!  But only for about 15 minutes before it begins again to over heat. Depression.

I feel like the longer we stay at the dock the more things go awry. We’re trapped!  I understand how some boats and the people on them become permanent riff raff on docks. They’re scared to leave. I’m hoping that once all the planets become aligned and all the systems on our boat work again we’ll be able to make it to Cartegena, Columbia without any major difficulty.

Now too, remember; we have redundancy in our systems. We have a generator that has a refrigeration compressor on it.  Oops, Generator is down too. Waiting on one part (a Lip Seal) so the water pump won’t leak water anymore.  Since that too is down. We’re scraping the bottom by having to use ice to cool anything off. Of course that will I’m sure mean a few more meals out. Both a good and bad thing. Trinidad is quickly draining our resources. We need to go anchor with everything working!

On top of all this happening, W/’s  birthday is just around the corner. Remember; last year it took me a few hours to remember to wish her a happy birthday and I caught a close glimpse of Hades for such a thoughtless lapse in the chronological order. So this year I’m hoping we have nothing major occur (nothing more major then what’s been happening) and I wake up and remember.  I’m going to try to leave myself some notes the night before – or maybe two days before, and I’m hoping Facebook too reminds me.  We’ll see if I can survive the issues on the boat and the upcoming celebration of the day.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long


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