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The offending Bolt

The offending Bolt

Well, she’s back together.  At least 98%. I”m not satisfied with that so when we’re in Trinidad I’ll have to take it apart and put it 100% right.

Monday went as follows: Started out locating and getting some 6mm SS  bolts at Budget (not) Marine in Grenada.  I rode a friend’s bicycle to town and just so you know; I walked up a couple of the hills or what they refer to as mtns. Wanted  to get some of the stronger steel bolts  but couldn’t find them. Tried the Toyota dealership the BMW dealership (have found what I’ve needed at auto dealers before) and Ace Hardware.  I ended up with 10   6 mm x 3/4″ and 2  6mm x 5/8″  SS A-80 bolts. I wanted all 5/8″!

So once back on the boat I spent a goodly amt of time in the engine room using a hack saw and cutting  the

Me and My Long Arms

Me and My Long Arms

longer bolts down ! Then I filed  the ends so the threads would be good. Now remember it is hot here and the boat doesn’t have AC and even if it did with the generator down we wouldn’t have AC anyway. So I’m shirtless cutting the bolts in the engine room and after every 30 minute or so I  take a 5 – 15 minute break.

Once the bolt lengths were all correct I went about cutting a new gasket out of the cork gasket material with the black stuff embedded in it.  I used the gasket silicone on it. What a PITA on the Aquagen.

When the Aquagen works she’s a dream, but working on it isn’t.

After we got the coolant  top  that the compressor attaches all gooped up  I began to put the new gasket on the engine with all the gasket sealant. About  half way installed, I discovered there is one bolt that won’t naturally turn down. It’s the one by the SS tubing Aquamarine added to  hold the compressor. I have to put that bolt in first and then turn it down, then put the others in. @#$%^#$^. to say the least. I removed what I had already

It's the bolt behind

It's the bolt behind

installed; lifted the gasket with the goo off and proceeded to put the single PITA bolt in and turn it down so the gasket all fits correctly. I proceeded to install the other bolts and once they’re all in, put the compressor back on. I notice the compressor fits  snug (physically touching) to  the bolt that was broken off. DAMN!  Maybe that was the cause of the broken bolt.  So I remove the compressor and take the locking washer off the offensive bolt (yes I considered it offensive by now) !  If the bolts are torqued properly the locking washer shouldn’t be needed anyway. Off it comes –  change out the washer and put the compressor  back on. Put it all back together and an hour or two later start it up.

What I started out to do was simply replace the gasket on the water pump with one made out of a waterproof chart paper and tighten down one bolt on the coolant cover that was leaking coolant (I was afraid the cup seal wasn’t the perfect size).  I’m not getting any water out of the gasket  but the cup seal is still leaking.  And with the cup seal leaking I”m getting a small amt of saltwater spray sent all over the front of the engine room. Then too I see a little green up by one of the bolts for the coolant at the top of the engine!  DAMN and that wasn’t all I said. So like a good sailor I jury rigged a fix. I wasn’t interested in taking it all off and starting over, I’m tired and it’s a been a long day. I don’t have the bolts I would prefer and I don’ t have  perfect replacement gasket. I used a fender washer for a  1/4″ bolt and cut a gasket out of the same cork material and gooped it up to and then installed the bolt.  Finally it’s not leaking but it ain’t pretty.  When I torqued the bolt down (BTW I looked it up and they’re only torqued to 7 ft lbs or so and I may easily have over torqued the others the last time when I had this off to put the vent plug in that Aquamarine suggested) the cork with the gasket goo squeezed out quite a bit!

Thus I’m wondering if I wasn’t to not use the gasket goo on the cork impregnated with something gasket?  If W/ had pulled out the  gasket paper I would have used that instead.  As luck would have it she pulled out the cork gasket material.

When we get to Trini I’ll  redo the top plate. The generator will be 100%. Right now it’s holding the coolant  but I don’t want to remain this way on a passage. That would be a bigger PITA should it fail there. And I fear that if I leave this for any length of time the antifreeze will react with the bolt, the cover and the Aluminium block  making  the bolt much more difficult to remove.

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