Trip Summary

Day 1: Sailed to Clearwater, Genoa only. We were going to anchor at Anclote Key but w/ the NE breeze we decided to go down to CLW and anchor off Sand Key. Lovely Sail down, steered the whole way as we were just to lazy to set up the Sailmat self steering vane.

Day 2 Clearwater to St. Pete. Stoped at some friends just inside Johns pass. Again just the Genoa and hand steered. Easy three hour trip w/ NE – E Winds.

Day 3 St. Pete to Venice, Fl. Actually set up the boat for all the sails. Had the Mainsail up and the Genoa and setup the windvane. The windvane steered 90% of the way and we used the Mainsail for about 1/2 way. Winds NE-E. Fast trip we’re getting an idea on how big the Genoa is on this boat. Furling it is work and W/ can’t do furl it without using a winch. Stayed a Crows Nest Marina (CNM) and pickup up 10 gallons of fuel. Don’t recommend Crows Nest but if one needs a place then they’re just about it. Higle park around the corner is free but we didn’t know about the teen hang out there as last time we were there they were evident and we didn’t want to be bothered. We love sleep! The food at CNM wasn’t what were were use to either. The showers were clean and new laundry machines but their “Cruisers Lounge” was quite a stretch.

Day 4 Venice to Ft. Meyers Beach. Sailed mostly under Genoa till the Winds died. Used the windvane most of the way till we fired up the Iron Genoa (engine). Then had a filter plug and needed to bleed the engine. See earlier post. Got in to the beach and stayed in mooring field for about 5 days. Nice showers, laundry and dinghy landing.

Day 9 Ft. Meyers Beach to Marathon. Used only the Genoa in mostly N winds switching to SE when we could have used the N winds still. Used the windvane most of the way. Lumpy trip. See earlier post.

Estimate we used the windvane 80% of the trip. We’re believing the Genoa is simply to big for us and the boat w/ the winds this time of year. We’ll switch it out later on. Don’t know if we’ll keep it.


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