Second time w/ crew

We were a little over confident. Just a little. We made an offer to our nephew and his significant other to sail with us for the weekend. We were a little confident that it would go well because Paul had sailed w/ us on our last boat Principia while in the Bahamas. He spent a month there when he was 12 and learned how to live on the boat and more important; how to live with us. So he brought his girlfriend, they bought some sea sick pills, much beer and we loaded the boat.

The sail down to 3 rooker again was easy and fortunately uneventful. We anchored and then the 3 of them; Paul, Wendy, and Brinn decided to go visit the birds. So they all loaded into the dinghy and the strongest (all 100 lbs) sailor rowed. After walking along shore till dark and wondering if they would actually return to the correct boat they made it back. We had forgotten to give them a vhf handheld to take ashore and even though we were within cell range, no one brought their telephone.

After hordouves we retired to a more comfortable evening then the last time we were here. The next am after breakfast we sailed on the outside of Anclote and tested out our windvane. It worked. There will be some more tweaking but we’re on the right track. Paul slept most of the way home; things never change, and we made a successful and uneventfull second sail.


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