Mostly if you arrive with no damage and no harm it was a good trip….

Mostly that’s true. Today we sailed from Charlotte Harbor to Ft Meyeres Beach. We’re currently in a mooring field. And I know I’ve said I’ll post the Lat / Long ( I will but not right now), I’m trying to get this off before we CRASH!

We’re tired. We awoke and left by about 7 am hoping the winds would be NE and not near as strong as yesterday. We were half right. We turned on the outer makers and headed S with a nice breeze and our Genoa (a huge headsail) and we too put up the mainsail. About 1/2 way the wind died and thus we had to use the Iron Genney (the engine). So we began a somewhat noisy and calm motor towards Ft. Meyers Beach. Things went well for about 3 hours then we heard something funny with the engine. We slowed downt he speed and she died. Damn! What now. Fortunately the seas were all of about 6″ so we just floated while W/ and I went to work.

I checked the bowl on the stbd fuel filter and it looked awful. Bad news but we have two more tanks. Problem was it looked so bad I thought somehow the bad fuel made it through to the engine. I should have just switched tanks. I switched off the bad tank and then turned on the good tank and started to bleed the system. First I used a vacuum pump to pull any – what I thought was bad fuel out of the line to the lift pump. Then I bleed the line at the primary pump and then at two of the injectors. Finally she fired up and away we went. Not however w/ out some concern. I check how much fuel was in my wing tanks and they looked ……..low. So enroute I switched over to our center tank which I know had fuel (we just put in 12 gallons yesterday) and we eneded up making it in with out any further fuel problems.