We’ve Left!

Yep, we finally left the dock……almost impossible to describe the feelings. I call them the E.F.F.E.C.T. !
Excitement – we’ve been working for 6 years and 11 months on the project. Fear – will we still like it? Fear – See Fear # one. Excitment – the whole world is out there for new discoveries; new at least to us, Concern- will everything work right, and Transitioning – what a change, selling most everything and moving onto a boat.

I know pics are few and I’ve got them; but taking the time to get them loaded is not for the moment. All from my last day of work I have. I know some want to see my naked……. face. Since work moved into the past we’ve worked much harder getting the boat packed and preparing to leave. We’ve only taken basically one day off (it was accidental). So we’re tired and ready to go. But; they will get there…..eventually.

Fair Winds