We’ve left. It’s been 25 years since we were cruising. I’m not sure I ever believed it would really happen. I mean; yes, we worked toward this end for the last 10 years but really….when we bought the boat most likely 100% of the people we knew thought it would be completed…ever… and the same 100% thought it was crazy what we were attempting to do. Sue (on Infini) said we gutted the boat. I chuckled thinking no, we’re refurbishing it. But she was mostly right and I mostly wrong.

Yet W and I knew that if we kept pluggin away, eventually the day would arrive when we could sail to a larger variety of experiences than we could sustain here. We knew that taking small steps – baby steps- consistenetaly in the same direction we would eventually arrive. I guess that is faith. An although I don’t really have faith in some supreme being I do have faith in W and faith in myself. That’s the faith we need to sail this venture. And so we leave, we sail, slowly but in the direction of other shores, other poeple, other cultures, and testing ourselves and testing our faith.


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