Family Vacation

It’s easy for people to think that we’re on a looooong vacation. Not! Most people that take a vacation spend copious quantities of money and consume abusive amounts of liquid refreshments and food. Why are many of the cruise ships so successful?  They provide unlimited drinks and food. But for us; since we don’t have copious quantities of money we have to constantly remind ourselves that this is not a vacation. Yeah, we’re in  a vacation spot. But we are spending a great deal of time getting the boat ready to sail again, we’re spending time in a vacation spot most people don’t ever see. How many go to Home Depot, or K-Mart in St. Thomas?  And I doubt anyone on a cruise ship actually needs to ask where a laundry is? We’ve been to Home Depot, K-Mart, Ace Hardware, Budget Marine, laundry, etc.

Yeah; too, we like to see how the tourists live. Yesterday we walked to the formal part of town and believe me, there is enough gold, silver, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, etc to take care of the entire world – all there.  I’ll bet there are over 100 shops just selling the stuff everyone wants and no one needs. Then too; you name the top drawer products; Prada, Cache’, Louis Vuitton, BeBe, White House – Black Market, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.  You get the gist.  They’re all here. We walk by those places and actually once or twice we’ve wandered in; to cool off. 🙂

Where's the Pot O' Gold?
Where's the Pot O' Gold?

Too the wx hasn’t been a blessing. My momma use to say “It ain’t nice to spit!”  Well it’s been spitting off and on for the last week. We’ve been dry, outside the boat it’s been wet. We’ve been lucky that in our trips to shore we’ve stayed dry and ashore we’ve found places that  we can stay dry in. However; the clouds come over the mountain and drop 1 – 10 minutes of rain. Enough so that we have to close up the ports and remove things from the deck that we don’t want to get wet, then open up again.  Remember; it gets up to the high 80º F here during the day so we NEED the breeze.

So catch you later, I’ve got to close some ports.

Fair Winds