In The Beginning…

We’ve left. We cast off the dock lines. We’ve cleared all the bridges. If all goes well; we’ll be in Bermuda or the VI’s in a week or so. The boat is in the best condition it’s been in. We’re 100% ready. The wx gods Chris Parker, Herb, the NWS all seem to agree that now is the best window we’ve had. We took it.

Dreary Day Leaving Beaufort

Dreary Day Leaving Beaufort

And it’s a dreary day. We hope the wx will look improve as we move S and E. Five boats we know of are leaving the same day heading basically the same way. We’ve established a quasi HF radio net 2 x’s /day to get info from each other and see how it’s going. Lison Life, Equinox, Persephone, La Flaneuse, and us. We cleared the outer shoal before noon and we headed straight for the Gulf Stream. This was our biggest concern as anytime there is adverse winds and a current you can get large waves that standup and it can make both sailing uncomfortable and dangerous.¬† So, get through it as soon as we can and that’s what we did.

By Monday am we were clear of the stream and W/ wasn’t feeling well. The stream although lumpy was a none event. I don’t think we had any push from the current (which surprised us) and we ended up still heading S a bit. That helped us determine that Bermuda was going to get crossed off the list. I let Dirk know on Lison Life and at that time he felt too that it was going to be miserable to head to Bermuda. So now all boats are heading to the islands.

As I was a default net controller I named our net the TBCCC (Temporary Beaufort to Carribean Cruising Club).

Although W/ wasn’t feeling the best she’s still lucid ( a good thing) and able to move about. Further she could stand (sit) her watch so we could both keep as much energy up as possible. Funny that with as little effort as we were putting out daily we end up exhausted as the days go on.

Fair Winds


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