Believe it or Not..

Yeah, I think I’m going to title my posts after other titles. Should be fun. Anyway… we’re planning on leaving in the am. Yep, this will be the second time we’ve gotten this close so maybe; cross our fingers, we’ll be outa here.

Tomorrow in the am we’ll head out of the harbor bound E – SE. We would like to get to Bermuda but I don’t think the wind god will let us. Must be something there Mariah doesn’t want us to see. We know that it’s not good to do anything to irritate the masters of the universe – so we won’t. We’ll go almost where the winds blow us and if they’re not blowing we’ll motor a bit and if they’re blowing the wrong way or too hard we’ll just sit and wait.

What that means is that there will not be any blog entries till we arrive and get the internet back. I haven’t set the whole thing up to do it from the boat via Airmail. (I’ve started the process- just not finished it). You will be able to follow the dot as we cross this part of the Atlantic. I’m going to make an effort to update the dot 2 times / day.  That however doesn’t mean that anyone can check at say 8 am cause it shows 8am, even though when I do get the update sent in it will say 8am. That’s because that is when I’d made the entry. But the posted update depends on when I actually connect to the Ham Radio Stations. Thus, I might connect at 3pm and then a dot will appear for 8am. Get it! Hope so. If not you can complain to me when we get to our destination. Where ever that will be.

AND…. in this day and age of constant pervasive fear “Do NOT call the Coast Guard” should you not find any dots where or when you expect them. We’re well outfitted to take care of any needed emergencies and have an EPIRB as well as Ham /  SSB radio.  There have been to many false alarms in the boating world recently so lets not be part of anymore.  We have a select group of people that we’ll email most every day.

Fair Winds


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