Ready, Set, …… Wait

We’ve been in Hampton, Virginia for a week now. Getting the boat ready. I’ve changed the primary filter on the Iron Genny (engine); and what a PITA. That entailed having to add a fuel pump to the fuel line just to get the primary filter filled back up again – else using our finger on the fuel pump for hours. This simple job ended up taking all day and 3 trips to the auto parts store to get some more hose (the right size) and the fuel pump. Yep, the fuel pump fittings were a differnt size from ours. Go figure.  Then we changed the oil on the big engine, changed the transmission fluid and now it’s ready to push us to Bermuda need be.

Our list was long and because W/ kept after me we actually have 99% of it done. We haven’t yet loaded the dinghy on the deck (we’ll still sleep in the aft cabin till we leave) we haven’t  moved the inflatable to the aft cabin – yeah we’re still sleeping there.  We haven’t cast off the lines all because of the wx.

We had hoped that today was the day we would leave but unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans. The gale in the North Atlantic is kicking up some waves (the wind wouldn’t have reached us). But the wave will and they’ll be running counter to the current in the Gulf Stream which will really create some exciting times. Then when we reach the Gulf Stream we’d be getting wind out of the S (where we want it) but the wind waves will combine with the waves from the Gale and create a really uncomfortable ride. Now we know we’ll have some uncomfortable rides in our voyage but we have this belief that there is no reason to start a voyage  with an uncomfortable ride. One wx guru we listen too suggested we wait a couple more days so we are.

While we wait friends have come and gone.

Mickey & Lil
Mickey & Lil

Mickey and Lil on Carpe’ Diem were here a couple of days, Sue and Craig on Stolen Moments flew by so fast we didn’t even get to see them again (maybe down island), and all the others. We feel left behind. 🙁  But, Dirk and Silvie

Dirk & Silvie
Dirk & Silvie

are awaiting a good wx window with us so Dirk and I are connected at the virtual hip via the internet, download and studying the National Weather Service (NWS) charts and forecast and making some of our own. We’re looking at the 500 mb chart (the jet stream), the surface charts for current and predictions, the GRIB files (computer predictions of the wx, bouys (actual conditions offshore), and satellite images.  Many times I get lost in looking at the various pages  and I feel like a 40″ plasma screen would make things a lot easier (hear that W/  🙂  )

So we’re  locked in a waiting game. Will we get out of here before the snow?  Right now the plan is that if the next frontal passage doesn’t work out we’ll motor (Yuck) down the waterway to Beaufort, NC and wait there. At least there will be more new things to look at and do.

On our fun list is to go into Norfolk today and enjoy, tomorrow go to the IMAX and museum right next store and then maybe, hopefully finish getting the boat ready for a Sunday/Monday departure.

…..Well time passes but getting this blog up has been a PITA.  I may say why in the future but right now I want to post because tomorrow we’re moving, either to Beaufort, NC, Bermuda, or the Virgin Islands. Depends on the wx and the sea state.

Fair Winds