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Dangerous Elbow

Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. Sometimes, not all the time. On the advice from a friend (Bernie) I went and bought the new elbow and hose fitting. Approx $400. Ouch! Ok, I think we need it. And need it we did. To get the old one out we tried a huge socket that I had cut some slots in for the tabs in the thru hull fitting.  We sheared off the tabs. So I had the yard grind off the flange and then with a little more work we wiggled out the fitting and Andy (heck of  a worker) was able to get the hose off. Bunky; another Hartge’s employee said arguing with a hose is like getting in a bar fight and one most likely that will be lost. Andy won and the fitting was removed. So they ordered another thru hull. Problem is that the two items I ordered are not the right size. I forgot and the parts desk guy thought I knew what I was talking about and never questioned my wanting a 3″ elbow and hose bard. Pipe and hose sizes are not the same. It’s a wonder we ever finished the boat and it floated knowing all the stuff I don’t know! So now I have a an oversize bronze elbow and hose barb that  I need to take  back and I’m sure I’ll be paying a hefty restocking charge. But; take a look at the elbow, the flange we cut off is by the heal of my hand and the hose connected up  to the part that was disappearing.  Damn lucky we got to this before mother nature.

Then today we got a call. Tropikoat by Seahawk is an epoxy coat. The actual stuff is CuKote which is an ablative.  So I may have to eat another shipping or restocking charge since it was our fault. Damn!  I should have originally stayed with the Trinidad SR but dummy me, I had to change. I thought something was better out there and then didn’t even remember exactly what it was. Why is it the grass is always greener? What’s the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. In one case it’s a good thing I’m having something fixed and in the other case I should have left well enough alone.

After 15 months

After 15 months

As for the bottom; she looks good. Some paint blisters (damn how do they develop?); but other than that the bottom looks good. And Douglas who is working on the hull and the bottom is doing one heck of a job. The hull looks great! But; that will show in the next  post as I don’t yet have picture of that process. Anyway, Doug is treating the boat like it was his own and I like that. I want someone that cares as much as W/ and I.

Then yesterday I spent all day spewing forth a variety of words that George Carlin and the FCC found objectionable. Either the yard installed the brake backwards or I told them the prop free wheeled the wrong way.  I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right and we ended up  with the PB & J jelly side down. So I’m hanging over the edge the vanity locker with the floor board up and removing the shaft from the coupling. I have to do this to flip around the prop brake. It took a good part of the am to get the shaft out of the coupling. I had to remove the bolts from the coupling, slide the shaft and coupling back, put a socket in the  center and tighten the bolts down on the coupling to push the shaft out. Since the bolts couldn’t extend all the way through I had to replace them each (four of them) 3 times and all I could turn each bolt was about a 1/4 to 1/2 turn per time.  Hours that seemed like days! Finally, early afternoon the coupling was removed from the shaft and it took me about 5 minutes to turn the brake around. Now it’s time to get the coupling back on. and put the set screws in the brake connecting it to the shaft and then securing the brake to the floor. We cleaned the shaft and coupling and I relubed the shaft and began to slide it back on.  I could only get it half way on and then stuck, remove and try again with a different lubricant. Same thing. After repeating George Carlin’s list in no specific order I set the coupling  aside and went to talk to the yard crew, tentatively enlisting their support. Then Mike (one of our gracious hosts) tells me that he’s had many similar situation in the work world  he’s done. And he say’s “Heat the fitting up to 375 degree F, then take some oven mitts / welding gloves and slide it on”, “filet o’ bearing.”  So tomorrow we’ll see. Mike and I are  going to put the coupling back on. So, we’re back on track just looking like instead of launching  Monday / Tuesday we’ll be going in Wednesday / Thursday. As Roseane Roseannadanna had always said, “There’s always something”.


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