Circumnavigated (Huh?)

Well we’ve circumnavigated. Not by boat. By plane. And it was painful. We’ve been sniffed by dogs, had full body scans, sat in a seat for hours, and listened to the drone of jet engines for more than a day. Honestly, hearing the wind in the sails is much more calming. Yeah, there are times on the boat when fecal material strikes fan blades. And just as fast it doesn’t last long. On Elysium we can move around, lounge as the conditions permit. We are not seat belted in when there are a few bumps, not restricted from using the commode because someone sitting up front controlling the planes turns on a light that flashes “stay in your seat”. Even in rough conditions we can read, listen to music or daydream or count sheep. Dolphins might follow us, whales swim near, birds often circle us; life flourishes around us. 10,000 meters up, in the great blue we see…. ideally…. nothing.

We’re back in Bali which we left 9 months ago. Back getting our life in order, looking to experience, feel the world again. Three days here and then we board a fast ferry across the straits to the Elysium. Elysium has been patiently waiting for our return. We’ve had a dehumidifier running in the boat to keep mildew and pests away. So… two more days and we’ll be home. Not aboard yet, but home.

There is work yet to do in getting Elysium back in the water. Clean and paint the bottom (this keeps growth off the hull), Lubricate the seacocks (these control the flow of water in and out of the boat). Flush the water maker. Restart the solar and bring the batteries back on line. Clean inside. Move deck gear back out of the boat. Rig the sails. Check the rig. Inflate and test the dinghy and engine. Maybe do maintenance on the windlass. Launch the boat. I look forward to the work. I look forward to being afloat again.

Go Slow
Sail Far
Stay Long