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We’ve Moved…. Again

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

We’ve moved back to Green Turtle. W/ really wanted to see the Junkanoo. So we loaded up the boat and moved to Green Turtle (GT). By load the boat I mean, we stored stuff ready for the famous passage around Whale Cay. We can’t get to without going into the ocean… just bit and where the water mets the shore here can get rather hairy. Ships have been rolled coming in and going out this pass. The ocean bottom goes from 2,000+ meters to 8 meters inside a couple of kilometers.

Lazily we hauled both dinghys behind us and even left the engine on the inflatable. The all floated through ok as the winds were 10-15kts out of the E. So we motored the first part of the trip and then sailed the last half and anchored just off the Bluff House in the lee in the Sound. The next morning we’ll going into anchor in the sound.