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What are Numbers Anyway?

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Yesterday we rented bicycles and rode around Treasure Cay. You too can have this view for only $799k USD! It is a gorgeous view but looking at it everyday would not not make the lot worth that much at least to us. Maybe if we had a couple of mill sitting around it would be another thing. Like any delicacies, when one indulges in constant consumption all the time they become rather; well, mundane.

As for other numbers, I got my glutes kicked rather hard today. W and I went to the tennis courts for the resort and met Rick T. We were hitting (W and I) and so I offered to play Rick. He went to get his racquet and I warmed up a little longer, felt a little smug; we’re in the islands how good will he be, and when Rick returned he and I warmed up.

Now I’ll whine a little. I didn’t like his game. He hit a flat ball on hard courts and had a wicked slice. The ball never bounced much. I’m use to playing on clay where balls sit up a little and seem to say “hit me”. Also he liked to RUN, even though he seemed to hobble as he walked along. Well, soon my smugness disappeared and I was soundly tromped 6-1,6-0. Not a whole lot of joy in that. My true saving grace was a saying from an old friend; “Winning is boring”. To tell the truth I wasn’t bored. Rick had played college tennis and taught tennis for 5 years after college.

So now I need to learn to play on hard courts, learn to not watch my opponent, and learn patience. Good Luck Dave! 🙂

Wishing all fair winds and aces to the tennis players out there.